How will NASH promote/sell their nex token without any real exchanges?

(Asus78) #1

I think not being listed on any top exchanges makes it difficult especially in a bull market. Bit worried as I see the price decreases while everything else increases :thinking:

Will Nex be listed on any traditional Security Exchanges of which I do not know one yet.


(Nicefox) #2

Nex is not your typical pump and dump coin. The value of nex is determined by dividend which is directly related to the volume of the exchange. The price will fluctuate until people see the real value of this token. If someone is looking for a quick flip, nex is probably not the right token. Think about it, investing 5000 usd in 2009 in netflix is equivalent to 350,000 usd today.


(Mao Mao) #3

Good thing about NEX is that even during a bear market, the exchange will not stop running, making passive income possible. In the near future when most of the tokens(security tokens, utility, etc.) are listed, I believe NEX can go beyond $200.

Nash team has plans to sustain this exchange and this is why the community is here and growing since 0 users.

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(Chi Ral) #4

I believe NEX can only be listed on a STO exchange that have a license to list Security Tokens. This provides value to the ecosystem, along with making sure that it gets exposure that no other non-STO coin would get.

The point you have made above points to the speculative value of a coin, ie having liquidity and being listed on a big exchange (like binance). This should not be in the interest of the community or the NEX team, as NEX has a legitimate business model with a coin. These other coins do not and therefore derive their value based on pure speculation - which is great for a quick buck, but not a sustainable investment. If you want to gamble/speculate, ‘invest’ in those other coins or head to the closest casino.


(Gms) #5

Another advantage is that investors who want NEX tokens will have to use the Nash exchange in the first foreseeable time. It will slowly (or not so slowly :upside_down_face:) increase awareness, users and hopefully also volume.