How will Nash Pay convince Merchants to use it?

I have seen many Exchanges try to do this and Nash Pay might actually be the smartest way of doing so but still it takes a lot of work to get the word out and convince big merchants to offer this type of payment option. As of now I do it all with Google Pay which is easy to do on mobile and many merchants offer this option. (Gas Stations etc.) - So why would they add Nash Pay and who takes care of contacting these merchants?!

I would think an initial “Proof of Concept”/MVP action would be to locate the largest online retailers that are currently accepting Eth, NEO and Bitcoin as a payment option. Laying out how they would no longer need to send to an exchange, trade for fiat, find fiat onramp, etc would be a massive selling point.

By targeting some of these companies initially, you already have people that are in the market and it will be the natural next progression for them.

Step 2 is to discuss with all online retailers and ask them their main reasons for not accepting crypto as a payment. The majority would likely say 1) Technical details on exchanging, etc 2) Foreign Exchange Exposure on settlement. Nash can eliminate both of these, so companies may then try to pilot that.

Just my 2 NEX

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