How will nash handle "dust" in the future?

Currently the minimum order needs to be 0.5 NEO for selling GAS (GAS/NEO).
How will nash handle dust in the future?
Currently I have 0.7 NEO in my trading contract but I am not able to get only the missing 0.3 for being able to send it from trading contract to personal account.


Hopefully through an option like Binance offers with BNB. I would gladly transfer my dust to new NEX tokens. :smile:

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You can buy 1.3 NEO and then withdraw 2 NEO or sell it all. You only need to do this with indivisible tokens like NEO. I hope Nash team have some ideas how to make this process seamless. But for now this seems trivial issue and can be solved in few minutes of your time.

I know that, but buying more is not really a solution :wink:
What if I have 0.1 NEO left? Do I then need to buy 0.9?
Dust needs to be handled and I am sure nash will do. I am just wondering what the solution will be.

Seeing as Neo is not divisible there really is only 2 solutions, either add more or trade it for something that is divisible, it’s the same on any exchange with fractions of Neo. But a Binance like option to convert all dust would be nice and since Nash will have a button to make all dividends one token then maybe it is possible.

I believe they said there will be a “Convert all to NEX” button. I’d also like a “Convert to BTC” option however.