How will Nash be compared to Trust Wallet & Binance Dex? Funding Risks?

Has anyone else tried out the trust wallet (u will need to create a multiwallet to see Binance Dex)?

I found it fairly easy to use and trade tokens but it doesnt feel secure enough to put all my tokens in it. I am hoping Nash will have such easy mobile access as well because mobile is what is really lacking these days. I know there are hundreds of wallets but the vision to have secure (crypto) banking on mobile would be awesome.

I am a bit worried because Binance has so such marketing power and will list Dex applicants on main CEX soon which is what everyone wants. I am also worried about funding the project as my favorite Exchange Blockport went out of funds and so did Aphelion. They both keep building in stealth scaled down so I hope the Nash Team is aware how quickly things can turn financially.

Cant agree more that some projects has strong marketing. This doesnt mean nash will not be strong at marketing.

If you watched the recent report video, the funds can allow nash to survive for a couple more years.

Nash forecast Once exchange launches, they will be profitable in a few months.

We are talking about bitcoin protocol chains trading my friend. Look how much bitcoin trading volume has.

Also if you are worried so much, you can always sell all NEX to me. U can pm me. Or just put your orders up in switcheo… i will Try to catch them…

What do u think of the Trust Wallet? When will Nash be mobile first? As of now Nash seems to be very desktop centric

Oh, and by the way, Binance will NOT be a DEX (from the horse’s mouth itself) :

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Well, as if people really care! Ask someone how banks run…nobody knows or cares as long as they work. That just isnt a unique selling point ever…

Let me start off by saying that the Nash team is clearly more established and experienced than both blockport and aphelion. Sure there is risk as the Nash team is doing something no one else in crypto or traditional finance is but they aren’t content with the way things are and want to push the boundaries. Just because current methods “work” doesn’t mean they are secure or efficient. The team has already stated they have some ideas on how to implement better securities methods going forwards but it’ll take time to implement and test which atm is not the top priority.

As far as what you are arguing for you shouldn’t compare Nash operations or marketing to anyone else, least of all the biggest (Binance) or insolvent companies. Nash has confirmed that they have already planned for a burn rate and are secured for at least 2 years without any profits coming in (that’s very good for a project) and it speaks volume that when other projects gambled and held assets, Nash was converting to fiat a week after TGE.

As to address your other argument, mobile will come post official launch of the exchange. You can’t be mobile-centric with an exchange when most people still use the web interfaces to do the majority of trading due to the vast information and complexity needed to TA.

Simple buy/sell and funds management are more catered to mobile-centric interfaces because they can be simplified. Nash understands this and they will focus on mobile hand in hand with their web tools but they’re prioritizing. Be patient and realize that you’re backing a project that has a proprietary use case but make no mistake, Nash will have a huge impact in the coming months/years.