How to view activated tickets?

I have been trying to view my activated tickets for awhile now and can not find the link to view them through the extension or the website, how can I verify they are there? Thanks

Log in to then choose Refferals from the main navigation.

Thanks, I can see that I have 0 activated tickets, but I have more than 10 nex staked for 2 years, why is that?

It will be updated soon to include the new activation methods.
Make sure to have a portfolio balance of at least $25 for your ticket to be valid when the draw takes place


I have a quick question about the portfolio balance, does this include staked nex? or do I need to have $25 available balance?

Yeah, active stakes count. Best to have more than $25 just to be safe, as price of NEX could be lower when balance snapshot is taken.

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