How to securely use NEX while staking

As I am understanding it correctly. NEX won´t have ledger support in the beginning. What would be the safest way to hold the tokens while staking?

While staking you will not be able to use your coins(they will be locked up), so the safest would be in your NEX wallet I assume. Since the wallet is the only way to stake as fare as I know.

Just make sure you keep a copy of your wallet offline(on paper) in a secured place

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I bought multiple shock/water proof USB memory sticks and have put the files on each of them. Just in case one or two are faulty. Never put the files/keys somewhere online not even in your “stuff” folder :wink: .

Thanks thats how i do it as well. Just wondering if a the casual users would be tech savy enough to do it. Would be interesting to see what solutions will be created in the future in terms of usability.

You don’t hold the coins when staking. They are sent to a smart contract that holds your token, so it’s not in your wallet anymore.

Therefore, having your account keys secured is the only thing you can do. Print it out and put it in a safe that is not in your house :slight_smile:

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