How to qualify for the invite?

(Rharipra) #1

I just joined the community and not sure how to make sure I’m in the pool of users from which Nash team is going to pick and send out invites to test the exchange(beta).


(CryptoUK1) #2

There’s nothing you need to do. Invites will be sent out gradually but they plan to have the majority of users on here, if not all, testing the exchange by the end of April.

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(Gerard) #3

I wonder if those picked will be allowed to post videos of the platform? Would be nice for those not picked initially to be able to view it.


(Mao Mao) #4

There’s no NDA that i heard of for the Beta.

The purpose of the Beta is to help the team test out the usability of the exchange and give improvement ideas to it. That is why it is only for the nash community to test out.

The Beta is not the final product. So i guess we could share it out on Youtube or social medias. I also hope Youtube influencers will be showing this Beta out to their followers to comment about it once they get to use it.

Be sure to create an account already at Use my invite link if you wish. @rharipra

Use the code: 23zpsv
for signing up.


(Bunder) #5

There is NDA for the Beta Testing.

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(Momentari) #6

I also want to test the platform. I don’t know what is it that I have to do to qualify. All community members qualify for testing?


(Gerard) #7

I think the NDA was for those selected for security testing throughout March. There is no NDA for community user testing afaik. This is based on what I watched at NEO DevCon but if I’m wrong please let me know.


(Rm93) #8

not really

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(Patos29) #9

Thanks for the info, was a bit confused myself.


(Mao Mao) #10

@bunder it may be a bit confusing…it was to me…but this Beta launch will be open for the community which is a larger group…will have no NDA :grinning::grinning:

Youtubers will then be able to share their thoughts with a wider audience.


(Justus) #11

In the last presentation I watched (DevCon) , there were slides with “user testing early march” and then later on @canesin said “We will invite every member of our community to, on March 31, use our products to trade, pay, invest.”
So I was pretty sure we all get invited today?


(Alex Dmd) #12

There are 1114 registered users in total apparently, I would assume the most ‘loyal’ (activity/time spent/positive feedback) would be prioritized. That’s usually how these things happen. On the other hand in the grand scheme of things waiting a month is not that long of a wait.

Would be good someone set-up some live stream of their experience with the exchange once it launches so the most eager but unlucky ones could vent their urge of curiosity.

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(Neo Maximalist) #13

Would be interesting to see the GUI. I hope we will start seeing some videos/SS soon

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(Suppoman) #14

I can make a Livestream, when I will get invited for Beta Testing.
Soonash Moonash

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(Basti) #15

The only question then is if you are allowed to.


(Basti) #16


(CryptoUK1) #17

That’s just for the first batch doing interviews, who already have invites.