How to invest in NEX Token

I have a question for the team (please let the team answer)

I understand that we will not have NEX pairs at the beginning, at least, there are no authorized exchanges to market today.

I would like to know how a person or company should do to invest in NEX token after the launch, suppose my friends want to invest, we will have an alternative option to buy (no trade, direct purchase) just launch the Nash exchange?

Is there an alliance to acquire the token directly in a secure way and approved by the team?

Thank you!

I am not from the team but it is not possible. Thank you.


Not sure what you’re asking…

As for acquiring NEX tokens safely and officially from Nash, more licenses are needed.
Just tell your friend to buy from Switcheo or OTC until better options are available.


The team understands the question, let’s wait for your answer. Thank you.

Can I assume with this answer that you think I don’t understand your question?
I find your attitude a little arrogant.
Thank you.

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I not meant to be arrogant, I’m just looking for a response from the team, I have an important community and more than 800 referrals, many people ask me every day if they can buy the NEX token in Nash when it is active (the website says that yes) but on the other hand the team says no.

I do not feel comfortable sending people to Switcheo, what would be the benefit of teaching them to use Switcheo to buy NEX? Give volume to Switcheo? send my referrals to them? I will not do it in any way.

Excuse the arrogance, it really was not the intention, never offend anyone.

Also not you, but several users seem like parrots here, they respond to anything as soon as they see a post, they do not respect anyone, you can even see that someone here uses inappropriate language, I imagine that they must be poor.

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If you only want the team to answer, send an email to the team…
Don’t use the community for this :wink:
It’s obviously all community members will answer :grimacing:


Ok, thanks for your extended reply, understand now the issue you’re facing.

Indeed like the others mention, think best would be to address it to the team directly.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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These parrots are rare species parrots if you know… im honoured to be one. :joy:

Edit: and we are actually helping you to “summon” the team here to answer your question by replying here… you should thank us later.

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This is what everyone is asking me, believe me I will not insist if it would not be important, I already buy all the nex I need and I do not plan to sell, for me the NEX list is not relevant at this moment.

The question is important because a company can not buy in Switcheo, you must buy an official exchange fulfilling KYC since you must register the purchase as an investment in your accounting, it is not as simple as just going to buy.

We are not promoting the token commerce as that is not our focus currently neither is in the short term. Large private funds and companies usually contact us and we can usually connect with others of common interest. So this has not been a issue for institutions and we don’t think it will be in the foreseeable future, specially with the low supply.

Regarding ways for general investors to acquire, the preferred way was the offering. For now we will continue to rely on peer-to-peer platforms until we are able to offer it on our own platform, which is the direction we are going and the reason for the wording in website.

Finally I tried to clean the thread a bit, I ask that everyone be respectful to each other - we don’t know the full information of each person reasons to ask something, also sometimes people’s English is not the most pristine and may sound much different on its weight than what they intended.