How to attract btc miners to unload their btc

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I don’t know if this is useful, but i’ve been doing some thinking lately on how we could improve the volume on the platform.

One of the ideas that came to my mind is to provide btc-miners a place where they can unload the btc they’ve mined without using a third party such a coinbase or binance.

However, since i’m not a miner i’m not sure how the otc markets operate, or how we could provide a platform that is competive in this regard.

I was wondering if we have any miners in our community who could share some insight in what we could do to be an attractive alternative to otc markets?

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I like the train of thought… I too am not a miner or have any experience with otc markets! However, definitely am interested in hearing the thoughts of the community! :slightly_smiling_face: :thought_balloon:


Yeah, i thought if we can attrack the sellers, wouldn’t the buyers eventually come?

Why do you think that miners use OTC? I would argue that very few big miners use OTC if at all. You just provide an address to the mining pool where you can withdraw your coins to. They can just provide Nash personal wallet to the pool and get rewards straight to Nash. It’s actually very simple.

Ah, see that’s why i dropped it in the community. I thought btc-miners used otc to sell their bitcoin of in larger quantities. However, I’m not familiair with these markets.

What are the benefits of an otc market for buyers/sellers? And who uses them?

If a miner could just fill in their btc-adress generated in nash, why wouldn’t they opt in for this option? Wouldn’t they get a better price selling btc p2p on Nash?

Buying BTC from miners is actually a little bit more expensive since it’s considered as “fresh bitcoin” without history. Due to that sellers and buyers have anonymity benefits

Sorry my first post is slightly missleading. Big miners (like bitmain and other large pool operators) still want to sell OTC, so they can sell it all at once. Liquidity can be a problem when selling large amounts in regular exchange and price will drop a lot. Then again large OTC sellers usually give discounts anyway. For smaller miners selling on exchange is the way to go since minimum OTC orders are usually 100k$+.

As long as they do KYC, they can certainly sell those on Nash. The only question is whether they want to sell OTC. That will require an OTC service to be set up. Otherwise, they can already sell their newly-minted BTC on the platform.

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