How successful do we spread the word?

Hey guys
How well did we spread the word so far to attract new people to nash. What is your current referral count?

  • less than 10
  • between 11 and 50
  • between 51 and 100
  • between 101 and 250
  • more than 250

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very few people can refer to more than 10 people if they are like cryptogurus or names who has youtube channels or telegram owners.

I don’t think many individuals will refer more than 10 people. Even to get to 10 may be a stretch for some of us. Also, it’s a lot harder sell to people who are not already into crypto to sign up for an exchange that’s not even operational yet. I imagine for those it will be easier to sign them up after the exchange is live. I know personally I probably have maybe 4-5 people that fall into that category.

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