How many australians in the nash community?!

I was thinking about the same thing… I am in if you are giving it a serious thought…


You could be on the money there…

I’m very interested in seeing where we can take this and what options we have available.
There are already other members in this community researching and looking into options I’ve recently learnt.
I haven’t been apart of it yet but it’s my understanding they have already done a bit of leg work!
I’ll send them a message now.

We should consider creating a group private chat on telegram or some other platform to discuss so we don’t double up on our efforts!


Brisbane here and keen to use the exchange even more if I could enter and exit in AUD.

Happy to help if possible.

I’ve actively reached out to support and their business development team on the 20th December 2020, I haven’t heard back from the business development team unfortunately. @fabwa please get in touch with me or have the right person do so.

I can sort all your banking requirements/physical address and all documentation along with much more. I have extensive business knowledge in Australia along with a proven track record.


Hopefully Nash can step into the Australian market further with their Fiat ramp and non-custodial approach, I think we have some hungry Australian’s looking for the best or a better place to buy Bitcoin!

Comparison price options below in AUD, showing Nash has the best price by far, hard to take advantage of at the drop of a hat though without USDC sitting in a wallet!
If Nash Cash was in Australia we could though! :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:
Coinspot = 63,557.18
BTC market = $63,024.69

NASH = $62,347.85


Has anyone from the team reached out to anyone here regarding the fiat onramp in Oceania since this thread was made?

I know it’s hard to wait, but ressources are on Europe right now. My guess is it would be quite costly in both time and ressources to pursue the adequate permissions to launch Nash Cash in Australia. Not to mention the different fiat currency. Same for Canada, same for the US. But one day Nash Cash will be available everywhere and it will be great.

It’s not about waiting, there’s simply no point focusing on 1 jurisdiction at a time - it’ll inevitably delay the process. Nash should focus on spreading the load and finding someone in Australia to take the responsibility of organising the compliance on their end. In other words have them contract someone to perform the grit.

There’s a process, documentation, implementation and resources required. If the process/documentation is prepared/submitted - the rest can be done once they’ve received the required bank accounts etc.

I’ll say it again, I am happy to offer my services to Nash and have them focus on solely the implementation (which is quite simple as it’s simply a matter of using a service suck as Osko or PayID - where Australian users all have their own unique identifiers)


Thank you for replying, your post explains my concerns. If any business model struggle to adapt and are not dynamic to keep up with competitors then their future is bleak and one day Nash Cash will mean nothing to anyone in the world because it won’t have market share in other regions so what’s the point of a global product or service if the focus is only in one area, the world is vast so please don’t just focus on one jurisdiction at a time it will be the final nail in the coffin and it will just fizzle out. Surely it’s in the best interest to do a global environment scan to gather facts and see what it entails to launch in different regions and plan for it accordingly. There are people in this thread right now that are actually willing to help the team at a local level onboard it but no one seem to be interested, I think it’s most unfortunate and a wasted opportunity.


I hear you and I’m sure the team does too. If there’s anything that can be done with the Community’s help, I’m sure they will reach out!


Licenses are expensive and the company needs to budget responsibly. It absolutely makes sense from a business standpoint to become profitable in the jurisdicitons where we can operate first.


Hi Chris,

Are you aware of what licensing is needed and their associated costs are required in Australia? I ask because it seems like you’ve done your research here. I can tell by your response that you haven’t.

You’re tapping into a single jurisdiction with a niche product (until a competitor comes), you have Aussies screaming at you to offer a fiat ramp/services to Australians. You’re limiting your services to a selected audience.

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You seem adamant that you’ve done more research than our legal department. I suggest you contact them with a fully costed proposal for acquiring licenses in Australia. Best option is probably to send it to our support address and they will forward it appropriately.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for your response - I have contacted support twice (via email), the bizdev team twice (via email) and Fabio via Telegram - all with no response. I have lost complete interest in supporting this project - once my staking contract is up I am out.

I am sure they can do their own research and figure it out themselves since they’ve hired a ‘legal team’ to do their due diligence.

Even if you are completely wrong about your statements regarding fiat ramps in Australia you deserve an answer and I am sorry to hear about this experience.

That’s disheartening to hear mate and I’m sorry thats been your experience…

I would of thought at least support would of replied?
I’ve only had good experiences with support, even though at times I have felt they are understaffed, as it would be nice to have support on weekends!

Hopefully Nash can improve in this area… everyone single one of its customers should at least feel like they are being heard in some manner…
I’ve been here since the STO and at times it feels like they drop the ball when trying to listen to all the feedback, ideas and commentary from the community, but I do think they try…! :sweat_smile::thinking:
Which is the important part!:slightly_smiling_face:

They are going through a lot of internal changes currently with new positions, especially looking for a new CEO.

I’ve often felt that Nash needs to hire a community manager, someone seperate to marketing and social, just someone dedicated to the community with direct access to the team and company.
They would keep the forums clean and reply to topics when required in a timely fashion, even if just to say, they need to chat to the team for further clarification!

Don’t throw in the towel yet mate, one Aussie to another, Nash is and always has been a slow burner, once it gets going though you will still want to be on that train…

Even if you’ve lost interest in supporting the project at this time, hopefully Nash can win you back! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Support (Oli) who I can praise as being great has replied. Oli advised to contact the bizdev team which I did in late December 2020 and early February 2020. So I contacted support again and it’s clear as day they’re either too busy or have no interest. So I’ve just given up.

Hi zedsix,

There’s a lot of community feedback and it’s possible that your emails didn’t receive enough attention. However, from what I understand, launching Nash Cash in Australia isn’t as simple as filling out a registration form, there’s a lot of follow-up work (legal, reporting,…). How did you suggest Nash take care of this in your emails? Moreover, even if it was possible, maybe it just doesn’t make sense to launch in Australia from a business standpoint: it would spread the team’s energy thin as well as its marketing budget.

As for the fact that you’ve given up on Nash, it’s your right but how do you feel about the new strategy? Holding through a bull market then giving up right when a pivot could make Nash much more relevent does not make sense to me. Anyway I guess time will tell.

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Did you actually provided a fully costed proposal? Because obviously you’re suggesting that the company changes its business plans significantly, and it would take more than just saying “Please launch in Australia, it’s a big market!” to achieve that.

It is worth pointing out that we receive a lot of junk suggestions by email and have limited time to reply to all of them. If a suggestion is clearly worth pursuing given our time/budget constraints we will follow it up. Those constraints are never going to be full public knowledge, though. It might be best just to assume your suggestion was not detailed or persuasive enough.