How long will the beta last?

Do we have any idea how long the beta will last prior to official launch? I understand its all speculative based on bugs/user feedback that arises. But do we have an anticipated idea on how long we “intend” to run the beta should no major issues arise?

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Beta end is ready, when ready.


It depends on the goals of the beta testing…

Could be 4-6 weeks, 8-12 weeks, or even 12-18 weeks;I suspect full exchange launch with staking will take place shortly before June 17, 2019.@Ethan said they will be launching more information on beta testing later this month.


I also suspect BTC will be implemented with the full exchange launch and contest end. Sometime before July 1st with maybe another coin as well. I think it’s the right move, slow and steady. Work out the kinks in the exchange platform in Beta and go full fledge with BTC once the initial issues are worked out. Then the people moving over for BTC won’t have a reason to leave. :wink:

agree with the BTC idea… hopefully beta will last until BTC pairs are all ready and a full launch maybe a couple of weeks before the referal comp is set to end. Without the BTC pair it’ll be a lesser launch and wont pull the bulk of people from elsewhere i doubt.

when BTC ready, exchange will be ready!

As you said yourself this is something we cannot know as if we knew what issues we would have we would fix right away. Also “beta” is related with branding and messaging for our community that we are still to do significant changes in the product, so it can last longer than just having some features online - it is actually related to clear development paths we can see internally that are still to be done.

It is not clear for us internally yet if we will drop the “beta” label when opening to general public, if we are in such refinement of the solution that it is possible for general public to use it but there are significant improvements still in the pipeline we will very likely keep the label.


Just to make sure, will all community member be able to participate in the beta end of march?

@Morbol no, it will be a slow roll-out mode. We will first send access codes to a few and every week add more. Our goal is to have majority of the community on the beta after 3 weeks.

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So, 31st March. Al of us will not have access at launch ?

Since when can we stack NEX? At what time the possibility opens up and for whom.

Thank you

@elcontador staking will be available on 1st day of public access - what we like to call launch.


@canesin thanks for clarifying, hope to be in the first batch. :slight_smile:

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