How is Bitcoin trading going to be implemented?

Knowing that BTC trading will not be available at launch, I started to wonder how this will be implemented. I understand there are several methods other exchanges use to accomplish this like wrapping or atomic swaps. Both of these methods don’t seem to fit with Nashe’s non-custodial platform. Can anyone speculate on how Nash might go about this when the time comes for BTC trading? I am not a programmer so a very technical explanation isn’t necessary.

that information will never be disclosed, and rightly so


Perhaps there are some people with good blockchain knowledge on this community that know a theoretical way to trade non-custodial btc and can explain that to us. I guess that’s what @trivera426 is asking.
It’s obvious that Nash is not going to explain their valuable code publicly.

You are entirely right @vt0. As I am not familiar with programming, I was only trying to get insight as to any other methods the community may know of, not necessarily the exact method Nash is going to use.

Ethan went into a little more detail during the AMA…

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After reading through this topic again, I’ve come to realize that Nash actually may be forced to reveal their method of BTC trading. If the platform is going to stay non-custodial and provably fair then would the team not be obligated to show how their BTC trading mechanism works? Else, they would be subject to different regulations because they are not able/willing to show how it works. I understand the desire to keep such a powerful solution to this problem behind closed doors but this would be directly contradictory to their principle belief in non-custodial solutions in finance.

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We will show to regulators when they require and publish technical descriptions next year. Our goal is to first implement and have a significant head start on the market on this innovations before sharing.

[edit]: We talked about this approach for applied research here before, mentioning other tech industry players that also use this method, see: Supported Commercial/Multi-chain Wallets


Absolutely! You’ve worked hard to solve this critical problem and Nash deserves to benefit tremendously from this excellent effort.
In healthcare, when a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug, they enjoy up to a decade or 2 decades of exclusive patent rights.


Do you have any concerns about an exchange like Binance – which has been accused of stealing others’ work: – copying your proprietary tech once you publish the “secret sauce” that powers Nash DEX?

In general I believe that everyone that is innovating is concerned about protecting their IP, so are we. This is one of the mains reasons why we will not open source before being in the market for a while and have a considerable head-start on competition.


Do you really think Binance or anyone would like to copy something that doesn’t work after almost a year of postponements? don’t delirium plase

that is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard in this forum. Has no connection and was only posted to make the team bad. shame on you… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yep, I do.

Binance has nothing close to what Nash is launching. If you don’t understand the Nash value proposition, I’m not sure why you’re on this message board.

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Will it be based on rootstock tech?

Why do you need to know this now? Are you working for a competitor? As mentioned severally on this forum, a paper will be published on the solution, I think is better to wait till then.

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I am just curious. There seemed to be a conflict of interests there and i wanted an answer. No i dont work for a competitor.

Do not waste your time asking logical questions here, this is a group of fans is not a community, any question you ask that questions the poor performance of the team or failure to meet deadlines among other things, is a reason for fans to attack your post .

You’re one of the earliest members of the community here and I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and posts for a long time. I understand that the current situation has caused a lot of frustration between members leading to unnecessary arguments and taking sides. I also know that English isn’t your first language and sometimes your honest queries may have been mistaken for something else entirely.
But I also honestly think that saying such things as your recent comment only helps fuel the exasperation. Any chance we could have the old elcontador back? :smiley:


I don’t think repetitive inquiries about how we will implement the technology for bitcoin is a logical question to be answered. That is clearly a valuable IP. I disagree of the performance of the team being poor, we are a young and small company that is pushing more innovation than companies in the industry since 2013 with more than 400 employees. Look at all established exchanges. In reality for anyone that has worked in a software project at this magnitude would consider the performance of the team stellar.