How does Nash plan to be organized when it grows?

Nash team is currently small but hopefully, this won’t stay for long. I’ve checked the positions there is no headquarter and everyone is working remotely. I guess the team organizes themselves internally with working tools such as Trello, Slack etc. However, would this approach be possible if nash grows to hundreds or even thousands of employees? How would the organizational structure look then? Do you think a large company could be managed without centralized offices? Do you know any successful company that has achieved that?

I know nash is organizing various team meetings and teambuilding activities but with larger teams, this becomes difficult and more expensive.

Also, I have one tip for a working tool similar to Slack and Trello. I work in the VC industry and I’ve come across a quite new startup that offers a product management software. It’s used by several successful (unicorns) startup companies such as UiPath. From what I’ve heard they love it. I also know, the company itself is growing very rapidly(an article in czech, but you can use google translate) and could become another czech unicorn pretty soon. Maybe it could be a good addition to what you are currently using but check it out yourselves if it’s good enough for you or not :slight_smile:

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Binance does this so I won’t worry :smile: