How does nash handle fragments of NEO

(Kwicks) #1

On other Exchanges fragments of NEO can be bought. How will nash handle this?
How will nash handle fragments of NEO when we claim NEO trading fees from staked NEX?

(Nick) #2

How I think it is handled: in your trading account you can have fragments of NEO, just like on centralized exchanges. Only when you want to withdraw from your trading to personal account, you need to do that with round numbers (also like the other exchanges). You can trade remainders for other currencies. Or, hopefully Nash will provide the functionality to swap remainders of tokens to other currencies in a single click (like Binance has with their BNB token).

When claiming dividends, it will probably go to your trading account. Therefore fragments can still exist.

(Kwicks) #3

Are there no official information on this somewhere?