How do you see some websites ready for list nex exchange

As you know,some exchange will lists nex trade,but this websites i think no have security token license,Will the official support this exchange ? If not, will Prohibit this exchange list nex?

What exchange is that?

What Fabio said in this topic:

From what I understand is if a DEX list NEX there wouldn’t be a problem since it’s a DEX right? And it won’t affect NEX since they require KYC anyway so tokens are “useless” except from rising value


That website you posted is not really trading NEX tokens (yet), it’s trading futures of NEX

yup, its not the real NEX token that are being traded there. its like BTC futures, where people predict where the value would be in the specific future.

I reckon these tokens are just futures. Be carefull when you trade futures as those are highly speculative and null tokens. Since NEX is a security token, CEXs are legally bound to provide necessary documentation for listing. Besides, I never heard of that exchange before

These guys also claiming that they have the security token listing license from SEC Thailand. Not sure about it. Just check everything before you register and deposit your tokens in to unknown exchanges

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I’m okay with it. More exchange = more liquidity.

Yeah I’m wondering if the NEX team knows about this listing. You would think they do, since CA started announcing it a while ago.

TOKOK plans to list actual nex token deposits at one week. SHADY?

They are live now with BTC/NEX trading. Providing an url is not allowed since they probably do not have a license do trade the token

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