How did you come across NEX?

Hi people from the internet,

I’d just be interested to know how did you come across NEX? And why did you chose to stick around :frog:?

For me personally this began last year when I discovered NEO (back then AntShares) and I decided to buy some after some research. After a couple weeks I heard of this project that was gonna be built around the NEO ecosystem called NEX! And ofcourse something that really spoke to me was the fiat integration and payment service.

I seem to have witnessed NEX being built from a very small community to quite a following (and ofcourse a lot of hype…) and I really love the vision of the project and what they envision for the future.

Hope to hear from you guys :octopus:

Trust yourselves! Together we can make NEX succeed

:nex_logo: len :nex_logo:


Was following NEX since the beginning too. Huge supporter of CoZ and the Smart Economy, saw when they talked about it the first time and knew it will be something special. Since this time NEX is the best project I’ve ever seen, the way they do it, the vision. We can make money and being part of this revolution


I can’t quite remember exactly where I came across Nex. May have been someone on Twitter or an ico review platform. As soon as i did though, have been hyped about it ever since.

Joined the community telegram around 7 or 8 months ago while waiting for the sale and now on here too. Nex has amazing potential… just hope it all comes together


And ofcourse I forgot to mention CoZ… Haha really fan of the NEON wallet :sunny:

Can’t agree with you more man!

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I have been following NEX since it’s been announced. Damn it’s been over one year isn’t it

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It really can be a game changer in this space. Give more financial freedom to the people that’s what we need


I mean time flies. And from what I’ve seen I’m still impressed. Can’t wait for the platform to finally launch after all the wait!

I think NEX is wat the crypto world needs right now! And I think it can be very valuable for the community. And I know deep down somewhere that in 2027 someone somewhere will read this and think, I wish I was there at the beginning of all this. :metal:

Edit: is the new


Time will tell us but I’m very impatient to see the platform

I came across NEX probably through some random ICO group, I read a lot and tend to browse for new and exiting things every day. among many projects that I read about NEX gave the best vibe, team and project idea are all so professional. No unnecessary hype, media over selling and most important no bounties ahh (when bounty :confused: questions are out).

Most important true DEX, not just another exchange.

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I cant wait for the exchange too! Would love the exchange to be ERC-20 compatible asap as there are a lot projects that are on Ethereum.

@MaoMao Nex will launch with both Neo/nep5 and Eth/Erc20 tokens. Was announced a while ago

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@CryptoUK1 could have missed it…is it in the medium articles?

  • i found it. thankyou

For me it was at the NEO event in Amsterdam last year!


Cool I attended too!!

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My friends were also there, heard it was really cool!

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NEX was, funnily enough, the catalyst that got me interested in crypto. A good friend of mine who had spoken to me about crypto before (I should have listened!) came back when the NEX lottery was announced and said at least sign-up and see if you get chosen. Sure enough, I did and then my research journey started. Now I’m sitting here with a much broader knowledge of the space and eagerly anticipating what NEX can become.


What a great way to roll in man! I tried to do this to with some of my friends unfortunately I was the only one selected haha…

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remember that time when SUPPOMAN had a thing going on about his number 1 ICO? That p.o.s. was teasing his followers and viewers with that. so people were tweeting guesses under his posts on tweeter. And some1 mentioned NEX. Iv been a huge supporter, follower, investor, big fan since then.

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i think most people know nex from youtube, so we have to mention more nex in the comments from the crypto channels, so that more people are aware of nex