How can the Community help drive volume to Nex ? πŸš€πŸ™‚

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Most of us here today are early adopters.
But we need to attract the mass market.
The combo of Nex’s team + tech, the Fiat Gateway, World Class UI and mobile partnerships are crucial. Oh yes and being legally compliant :slightly_smiling_face:
They will help us connect with the REAL world.
BUT what can we (community) do to help the Nex Team drive volume?
Trust Yourselves :slightly_smiling_face: :rocket:

(Crypto Fox) #2

AFAIK NEX does not require additional push and shoves tbh. All they need to do is just focus on the product. Once the product is launched, mass marketing will happen automatically. May be few conference participation will do some good.

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community members inviting friends could be helpful

(DrJ) #4

I suggest to work together with an agency to create a word of mouth campaign β€œex. Who do you trust?!” (with teasers, video’s, images, articles, and other tools).

The community can help spreading these teasers and elements over the world by sharing them with their friends and network.

(Crypt On The Beat) #5

Once exchange release we’re gonna have so much content to share, hope NEX team will create content value to share

(Jopie) #6

The community can help out a lot, especially if there is an incentive. Think of referral bonuses or an affiliate program.

(Hitesh) #7

You wont realize ,nOS partnership is very much crucial for NEX. Alongside if NEX partner with other such ETH clients, it would help in publicity as well as volume increase. Not to forget the NEX STORE as NEX is conceptualizing,is a great idea. Tomorrow they may plan to partner with antiviruses, cloud data storages etc to provide online services as part of their store plans. This will help in recognition to NEX.

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yes - some kind of referral program might be very effective. I guess the challenge will be to not make to too spammy (Twitter / Binance)

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lots of exciting Nex content to share over the next few months hopefully :slightly_smiling_face: