How can someone just list you on their exchange?

Can you please explain how is this possible that somebody just listed you on their exchange without your permission how is this possible?

Can anyone copy your development without asking you? Just like so many projects do :thinking:

Thank you :handshake:

The thing is that the NEX token (assuming that is what you are referring to) is on the open sourced blockchain NEO which means any exchange can technically list the NEX token. While it is illegal for places to list NEX without a securities trading licence, some still do anyways and don’t care for the consequences. This has no affect on Nash or NEX so there isn’t too much to worry about.

Anything that is open sourced in theory can be copied, like Nash protocol, but it may be of more use for projects to just use the Nash services rather than develop their own.


As @Hatertots explained, the NEX token is a standard compliant token on NEO. This means that anyone that has a NEO wallet can receive and send NEX tokens, and that is all you need of blockchain to list a token in a centralized exchange.