How can I participate in series A funding round?

Please anyone share this info with me.
Thank you :pray: @Kellogg


I may be wrong here but I’m pretty sure Series A funding is limited to VCs etc.

:confused: hopefully you are wrong :slightly_frowning_face: and I will have the chance to support Nash again.
Why would there be restrictions on who is supporting the company? (would be great if you have an idea about it) Thank you :pray:

I’m not an expert at all… a quick google brings this up…

It give examples of the types of investors for different funding.

I don’t think anyone in the community will ever doubt your support Radu.


Interesting :thinking: how this works.
I can say that it feels wrong, for a funding round to be available only to millionaires - VCs (in case the article above is correct) :frowning:, hmm.
If it is the case with Nash, that only millionaires will be a part of it, then I am definitely confused. Unfair. Why?
(is definitely not because of the risk involved) :thinking: (men, this is sad :disappointed:)
@Jordan thank you for taking the time to reply :handshake:

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