How can I link ICO wallet to Nash account?

After signing in, it gives me a new wallet seed, but I would like to link my existing ICO address and chrome extension account. How can I do that?

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This is not possible. The ICO account was on a totally different system that is not compatible with the new platform. You will need to generate a new account and transfer any assets across manually.

Eventually, we hope to integrate the new accounts system with the Nash Community.

I was under the impression that KYC’d lottery accounts would not need to KYC again though?

This is not the case. You will need to complete KYC for your new account. The process should not take very long, though. Our mobile app will help you out!


Alright. Thanks Chris.

And congratulations on launching!!


Does that mean I will lose access to the community for transferring all my NEX tokens to the newly created wallet? I believe that you need at least 1 NEX on the linked account, but I want to stake all my NEX tokens :sweat_smile:

1 NEX is only needed for registration. Afterwards you can sign in without the need of having 1 NEX


Cool, thanks.

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Where should you be looking to transfer funds too? I thought Non-custodial do i need to move my Nex to exchange ? Rather than Chrome Extension wallet?

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Indeed, asking myself the same. What’s the use of the Chrome extension now?

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The extension will be pivotal in connecting your wallet to dApps and websites that will use Nash Pay in the near future. It’ll also be used for its quick and convenient login to make faster payments and sign smart contracts. Consider it a gateway that will connect your account to an abundance of financial tools and dApps using Nash services.

Right now, it is an alpha product. You can use it as a NEO wallet and to log in to this community.

It will be updated and will play a crucial role in the Nash ecosystem, as @Hyphen describes above.