How about a a podcast with Anthony Pompliano

How about a podcast with Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) just before the launch ?

The guy have more than 262K followers on Twitter, he is the co-founder & partner at Morgan Creek Digital.

He is also an advisers for Openfinance STO exchange so he is a security token believer.


First things first, let Nash launch and then add $btc pairs later this year. I bet all these social media guys/girls will line up to get an interview with the team :fist_right:


I follow Anthony Pompliano (pomp) for some time now and he is a great bitcoin supporter. I also think it makes more sense to integrate bitcoin first. but yes, influencers are always good :slight_smile:


Agreed, your right.

Agree, best to wait for BTC support before engaging with the maximalists.

I agree with everyone to wait to go after big BTC supports until we have BTC trading. Once they see BTC trading on a DEX (not wrapped) they will go crazy for the product.