Hey, Nash wants to hear about your experience when sharing our products

Hi all!

It is time again to take a deep breath with the head out of the water and look for feedback, this time I would love to do something that is a bit different and more qualitative.

Have you shared the Nash love with your friends and family? What is your experience in doing so?

What we are seeking here is not your personal feedback, but the story you heard back from friends and family of what they wanted to do with the products that they couldn’t and what they liked on the products. It can be an anecdotal story telling.

Thank you very much in advance for anyone that has helped spread Nash and share their histories here with us.


Hi Fabio!

I shared the exchange with some friends.
They were really keen on the idea of a non-custodial exchange.
However, they complained about fees for transfering btc to and from trading contract.
There is also the transfer issue that is not welcoming new users.

Usability was fine overall. Navigating the exchange was easy I think. I did not recieve many questions about that.

There were also questions about the amount of tokens that were able to be traded on the exchange. Some extra top 20 coins would be really welcome.

So I think if the following points are fixed we are ready to promote the exchange to the big public.

•trasfer fees for btc to and from trading contract.
•improvement of transfers between trading and funds management, especially withdrawing btc to funds mgt is an issue. It just doesn’t work 50% of the time.
•adding some top 20 coins like LTC,BCH,ETC would really benefit us.

Of course there is also the issue that we don’t have an easy and cheap fiat ramp but that will be solved soon!

All in all the bugs are diminishing and exchange is more user friendly!

Keep up the good work!


Hi Fabio and the team,

I’ve tried to build a trading bot with my father to do some automated p2p trading on the platform. However, it was a bit too difficult for us setting the bot up. We didn’t understand some of the types of errors we received, nor what we could do to solve the issues.

For now, my father has set up a trading bot on binance to try out some different strategies. We hope there will be some more documentation for people who want to set up bots and make some money that way (and help the platform with liquidity in the proces!)

God speed, you guys are doing an awesome job.




I did share my love for Nash with some family members as well with some friends.
I think it is interesting to divide the feedback over the different age categories.

My parents ± 60 years old (technical background) + parents in law (banking background)

I let them read the Nash brochure to see if they understood what Nash stands for. This turned out to be difficult because they lack basic knowledge (private keys, non custodial, wrapped bitcoin etc.). They are skeptical of crypto in a general sense because they see it as an investment place for cowboys. Of course there are projects with good user cases, but as I said: they are not very enthusiastic about this yet. They see more of the added value of digital payment and the possibility to trade all kinds of derivative products. Eventually, they still invested because the dividend model is attractive there.

My friends ± 30 years old (interested in crypto and stocks)

I told some of them about Nash. Some are still in pain (in the sense of being very carefull) because they blindly invested just before the start of the bear market. I only see this as their personal experience and this should not affect their opinion about Nash. But unfortunately…their experience still has impact at the way they think about investing in a crypto project (regardless of I told them that Nash is all about being really a fintech company). It boils down that their interest in Nash specifically is higher than the interest they have in crypto in general. However, most of them are not very convinced to follow Nash closely or to invest.

My sister + girlfriend mid 20’s

They simply want to receive a dividend. My girlfriend is interested because I talk about it so often. My sister is all about the dividends xD

Keep it up guys!


One thing I noticed when I was showing my friend how to transfer assets from his FIAT on ramp to Nash was the amount of spam ERC-20 assets that show up when you first have Nash. Like say you start searching for an asset like ‘eth’, a ton of assets start with ‘eth’ but he was looking for ethereum which was hard to find without typing the entire word. Perhaps when you are searching can you have it sorted by something like market cap or trading volume or something?



i shared nash with many of my friends and business partners, some were excited some not.

this is what they told me:


  • Good idea.
  • the non custodial factor seems nice.
  • overall UI feeling was good.


  • Not enough pairs, top 20 coins are not there yet…XRP, LTC, EOS, DASH, and many more.
  • Missing fiat gateway (even tho its coming soon)
  • No USDT/USD/EUR base BTC pairs (many are not interested at all in USDC, they just trade USDT and they do not care if USDT is legally shady)
    (and no, they are not willing to buy USDC/USDT)
  • Bots not supported by major botting services such as 3commas.

Overall liquidity/volume keeps them away but i told them it should get better with time and in time it will get better but until then its hard to convince them to move away from binance.

if anyone has better selling points please let me know so i can try to push that again.

great job overall at nash! keep up the great work!



Hi Fab,

Shared this for 2 years to different types of ppl, obviously the older generation (my parents), still struggle to log into there email, so of course the tech side it’s a “no idea” factor, but the concept of having the finance side of things is very interesting to them, even much so my dad (who’s 78), read up on blockchain tech> ethereum> Nash.

My friends at work who hold crypto but aren’t really understanding how useful blockchain tech is:

  • “yeah I heard of nash, I read it’s a really good project” is the general overview of this project

Friends who don’t follow anything to do with crypto:

  • “blockchain is a scam, I seen someone say it is” that type of view is still there, not many people understand how much enterprises are looking to adopt blockchain, narrowminded. Mind you these are people buying into the property market this year in my country at all time highs. Mortgage prisoners V 2.0.

So really, I’ve done my own research and envisioned your products you offer and then try to figure out what market/market’s Nash aims to target. I think Nashpay will target mostly anything to do with Defi, mixed with the exchange functions and hopefully Bank loans/interest’s etc, one stop shop.

I definatley would love to see nash generate so much revenue you guys are able to tap into anything that seems beneficial, and I’m sure its your goal.

My close circle of friends aren’t really aware in general for crypto, but thought i’d just post anyways.


Hello Jaapi,
I only want tell you, there isn’t wrapped bitcoin on Nash… It’s REAL BTC. I don’t understand where did you see wrapped bitcoin… Thanks :slight_smile:

As I said sir, the term “wrapped bitcoin” is just mentioned in the brochure.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I really understood after what you meant :wink: Sometimes the real meaning of what you want to say is lost in the comments. Thanks man

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I only consider to have 2 friends that are in crypto, as i dont really talk about it much with friends and family in real life. I dont want to create the scenario’s where they suddenly befriend me more or where they ask me stuff just because they see nex was a good investment.
One said its just another dex and wishes me luck with my nex investment, even though i recommended looking into it, and the other said it looks good, and waits to try it when it reaches GA.


  • Loved the look of the UI - Clean and sharp they said.
    However, they didn’t understand some of the features and what they did.
    This stems from not having any experience in crypto or the financial markets though.

  • Told me they liked how the mobile app had the feature that showed information on each asset explaining what it was etc.

  • They thought it was weird that the version of the exchange accessed from the desktop computer did not have this feature.

  • They did not like the fact that the mobile app displays your funds in your local currency but the desktop computer version only shows it in USD


  • Loved the UI and the fact that Nash is non-custodial

  • Commented on not enough pairs, they were curious why some of the top 20 coins were missing (I did try and explain this away as best as I could)

  • Over the week or so I got them to look into it they commented on the fact that volume kept jumping up high and then dropping back down really low, said it was fishy. (I explained this away by saying we are in MVP and that’s just bots getting turned on and off - this will change after GA I told them.

Overall experience was that they would look closer once Nash is out of MVP