Helping to grow the Nash community

The team have done an excellent job of building a strong, knowledgable and supportive community, and that support has shone through time and time again, especially over on twitter.

Now that GA is some several months away - and the team is hard at work to that end - I feel that it’s our turn to actively and fiercely try to expand our community, by spreading awareness of Nash and the NEX token purely from an investment standpoint. Not all of us are developers, but this is something that any of us can do to contribute.

The stronger our community, the easier it will be for us to deflect disinformation; and when taker bots eventually become available, having more of us willing to run them will help generate and sustain more attention-grabbing volume in the space.

So, what can we do to grow our community? Feel free to post your ideas below.

There’s a lot of closed-minded tribalism in the crypto space, and expending energy trying to help those who are not receptive to your efforts is energy wasted. I think one great method is to seek out average individuals who are trying to improve their situation by researching ways to invest and grow their assets.

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of these types of people over on YouTube; they’re seeking advice and searching for guides (titles such as “what should I invest in?”, “how to start investing?”, “how much investment do I need to live off dividends?”), and many leave comments on the videos such as “How do I invest if I only have $200-500?” or “It would take me 30 years to achieve what you detailed in this video”. Click on enough of those videos and they start popping up in the recommended section of the homepage.

I believe (likely non-crypto) crowds like those would be very intrigued by the NEX dividend model, and/or the possibility of being able to learn how to run a bot from their home PC. They don’t care about DEXes, they probably have no idea what binance or coinbase is, they’re just looking to increase their wealth and improve their lives. If we each managed to educate and attract 2-3 people to our community, we’d strengthen our position and Nash would be all the more likely to succeed.

Hopefully we’d be doing these people a massive favor, while simultaneously introducing them to crypto towards the end of a bear market, after 2 years of following Nash; and seeing as we’re appealing to investors (no different from ourselves), and not trying to attract traders, there’s no reason that we should wait until Nash is GA-ready. Now feels like the perfect time to grow our community by spreading awareness of the NEX token. Hopefully many of you agree, and have some interesting ideas on how we could go about this.


I’ve been directly involved in 2 projects that formed a marketing telegram group( like 10 ppl), some guys constantly made new pics(good editors), constantly everyday just posting and educating ppl on the project on reddit/twitter/instagram/ even 4chan, etc. Did really well and it was kept secret.

It’s hard to say though, from there we were directly involved with influencers and I have seen first hand how bad these ppl are for the space. For instance there’s a group of 20 influencers, that are paid to shill projects and don’t have crypto’s best interest at heart. Nex is doing everything the space needs so organically you would think if they mean well (influences), they would be supporting projects such as this but there not.

I think those influencers will become more and more irrellivent as the space matures as more ppl will see through the scam and legit projects will outdo them.

Probably a blessing in disguise, im sure when the real marketing begins, it will be fomo central. (When everything is up and running)


I made a library on discord for promoting nash, perhaps one on the forum here would also be good. This contains images, links, reviews and articles that can be used to promote nash.

One thing i need to stress is to not sound desperate or you just annoy people and they wont come to see whats up with nex or nash.
The whole crypto space is full of desperate people who knowingly or unknowingly want people to buy their bags, and it really shows.
I have seen improvements lately though, since we started discussing and agreeing on telegram that it would be better to not be desperate or cringy.

There are two things here. The promoting of NEX to new investors and the promoting of Nash.
Promoting nex is probably just doing people a favor as the price wont go magically up just like that, markets being proof of this. If you do this, just be fair and open.

But what helps every nex investor and nash as a company is to promote the exchange for all its features, although with the topic of funds being stuck still being open, i still think we should wait with wider promotion as community and as company.


Seeing as this is targeting fellow investors, it doesn’t require a flawless exchange (or an exchange at all for that matter, I don’t even remember how long the community existed for before the exchange was made available).

I strongly recommend that we reply to the posts and comments of strangers, in our free time; people who look to be searching for investment opportunities.

  1. Mention the NEX security token & dividends.
  2. Encourage them to spend 10 minutes researching the Nash Exchange.

People can’t see your youtube comment if it contains URLs (requires manual approval from the channel owner), so I just offer them personalized messages containing keywords like “stakingnex” to search for themselves. Gotta keep the replies succinct, and not sound like a bot, a scammer, or a desperate moon-boy. Maybe it’s best of they find their way to this forum before the telegram group.

I’m not sure where else these aspiring investor-types would congregate, but non-crypto investing YT channels does seem to be a good one.

It’ll take new investors time to research Nash and its features, especially if they’re new to crypto. Then - assuming they’re interested - they’d need to figure out how to acquire NEX, and then hopefully they decide to stake it. There’s no actual need for them to trade on Nash (until they start receiving dividends), but they may choose to run trading bots with us later.

If we double the size of the community now, then we’ll have double the voice later when it comes time to announce to the world what we have to offer. This increases our chance of success, so I hope others can find the time to help spread awareness of the NEX token.

I think they will. Too bad they’ll have lined their pockets quite nicely from deceiving so many people by that point though.

Yeah that’s possible, although fomo often hurts a lot of people. By spreading awareness of the token now, people will trickle in and hopefully fewer will be trampled in a stampede.

Many of us are staked and likely don’t care about pumping the price; growing a sensible community with strong hands is far more important, and the staking protects new investors from being dumped on.

I think it’s still too early to really start promoting Nash and the NEX token. This way I totally understand why Nash is not aggressively advertising (‘doing marketing’ as the community likes to call it).
1.) the NEX token: The current dividends are far far away from justifying the 1$ ICO price. So the way things currently are, the 1$ price is already based on ‘potential’, ‘hope’ and ‘fomo’. Most people I see on twitter tweeting shit like ‘buy it before it’s 3(5,10,50)$ and thank me later’. This kind of ‘advertising’ only creates false expectations and disappointed investors in the mid run. There’s nothing wrong with spreading awareness about the Token’s potential for gains in a careful way, but sadly I dont see that happen most of the time.
2.) The exchange: The exchange and the services belonging to it (Nash pay etc) have a great potential - I dont have to tell that here, you already know. But similar to the Token, the current state is not great. It has very nice elements and things we are waiting for will further show demonstrate that something big is built. But if you read sth like ‘Nash is the best exchange, try it’ and you visit the exchange today, you will probably be disappointed just because volume, liquidity (for the most part) and some of the important features are still missing.

So, as I said before, it’s too early to aggressively promote NASH in my opinion. So how to spread awareness then? I think, the best way to ‘help Nash grow’ is to educate people about what NASH is building. What are the issues in the space that Nash aims to solve? What are the achievements NASH has already completed? Why are these important? Promote how big it is to be able to trade BTC in a non-custodial way. Do you know startups that are looking for a way to accept crypto payments? Tell them about NASH pay and that they wouldnt have to worry about new tax regulations and issues that would come with holding crypto… etc.
To conclude, there are a lot of things you can tell people to promote NASH without creating a gap between current state and expectations.

Kind regards, J


NASH is a legit project and we will get there

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It’s definitely too early to aggressively promote Nash as an all-in-one solution (the exchange, fiat ramp, merchant tools, etc.), but the timing feels very good for spreading awareness of the NEX token to like-minded people. Many of us were researching and investing in it 1.5-2 years ago, so there’s no reason why today would be a less suitable time for others to do the same; especially considering that GA is on the horizon.

I was probably one of the first few on here to strongly advise against shilling. I focus on observation, analysis, gaining insights and formulating strategies, and rarely involve myself in discussions unless I feel it’s something important, and these next few months feel important.

They’re not marketing their tools and services, but they did some soft-marketing long ago to cultivate the early stages of a community. The referral giveaway was also conducted in part to that end.

Fabio also mentioned some time ago - something along the lines of - “… the community needs to grow 20x …”. Not right away, but I think we could endeavor for a 2x for now.

There’s a lot of obstacles to contend with in this approach:

  1. Many people in crypto are married to their shitcoin bags, and will not be swayed.
  2. Many others are DEX-obsessed anarchists.
  3. We first need fiat ramps in at least all of EU and US (preferably Russia too) before we can approach the PayPal users, because if they can’t sign up and try it immediately they’ll likely shrug it off and so we’d be wasting our time.
  4. Non-crypto users don’t care about BTC (yet), and probably don’t even know how messed up traditional finance is. Everything going on here will be a real big red pill for them I imagine.
  5. Non-crypto users aren’t looking to educate themselves on these things, and so most are likely not receptive to our attempts to educate and offer them information (only the prospect of them being able to save money by say switching from PayPal to Nash will start them down that path). Non-crypto investors on the other hand, they are actually searching for information and will eagerly absorb every word offered as opposed to shrugging it off.

We’ll continue spreading general awareness of Nash within the crypto space as we’ve done since the beginning, but more of us should start disseminating information on NEX token to people outside the crypto space. Yeah, the price is largely propped up by speculation… but I’m about to buy more NEX myself a few hours from now, so either I’m (we’re all) crazy or there’s nothing wrong with it sitting around ICO price for almost 2 years.

A 20% p.a. return (unseen in traditional investing) would warrant ~18mil daily vol to justify a $1 token? I’m sure most newcomers will realize that and decide for themselves, as we all have. I’d prefer to offer information to potential investors, with the advice to keep a close eye on Nash volume in the coming months, rather than make up their minds for them and simply not inform them. We’ll have others to focus on in the future, such as the PayPal userbase. Let’s bring more crazy people like ourselves into the fold before then.

I believe we will, but there’s never a guarantee. We shouldn’t get complacent or remiss, and all seek to maximize that chance of success in our own ways.

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Totally agree with this, I feel like it’s a half finished product, really try to avoid the shilling path and lay down fundamentals and let people research themselves.

Really hard to promote anything that’s not completely ready.


I simply think that us recommending people to look into NEX as a investment is really doing people a favor at this point. prices wont rise unless we find a big whale.
But the amount of effort is quite a lot, as a lot of people will see NEX as just another shit coin. And if you then dive into details on why its a good HODL, people see you as a shiller or desperate person. This is simply the way it is in crypto space. I personally gave up on promoting any of my portfolio coins, but would be happy to help promote Nash as a exchange. when the time is right. Although sometimes people see the critic that I am, and then ask for my holdings. In those cases i can start to talk about NEX as a investment.
Maybe thats fair advise here, let people come to you instead of pushing nex to others. It doesn’t matter for us if people buy or sell anyway. The token price will increase with volume on the exchange.


Good thinking. Agree with you.

:point_up_2: And yes, this type of tweet is cringe, especially at this point. Comes off as desperate shilling, not cool at all.


I feel that it’s mutually beneficial; those who don’t possess extraordinary wealth (i.e. just about everyone) could really benefit from this, and it helps to grow the community.

The way I see it, if 1 person purchased all 25 million NEX in the ICO, then the community would consist of 1 person giving 1 like on twitter, and that would obviously be terrible.

Every 1 person in the community has a network of family and friends, and expanding that network is far more important than trying to pump the token, or trying to avoid pumping the token so you can acquire more (if too few acquire too much too early, then it can be harmful).

Also, if there’s any overlap between those friend/family networks - as in someone who has encountered more than 1 Nash user/community member - it will drastically increase the odds of them joining the Nash community and/or using the platform, because that’s just what people do; they don’t want to seem weird or feel excluded. If one person does something different, that person is weird; if two/three/four people do something different, then it’s a trend. I’ve been weird enough times to know how it works, and know that the longer we put community growth on the backburner, the longer Nash will take to become a trend.

Agreed, that’s why I spread awareness almost exclusively outside of the crypto space. Try to achieve maximal results with minimal effort.


Good arguments and reasoning, Vaugrin!
Although i think people outside of crypto might be fearful and hesitating to get into crypto, i certainly like your way of thinking about single people being weirdo’s versus trendsetters.
I think you would do good as a growth engineer at Nash.
Spreading the nex tokens also makes sense.

The biggest challenge is HOW to make people get curious or interested in Nash or NEX as investment, when dex’s do not have a good name, where people outside of crypto do not like crypto and where inside of crypto everyone is a shiller or fudder.


That’s not that easy to answer as it depends on some factors. But in a simple model:

  • Today, you buy NEX for 1$ and you want 20% gains from dividends after a year (that’s a lot! :slight_smile:)
  • Let’s say you buy 1000 NEX for 1000$. Following the given expectations you would want to have 200$ dividends after one year.
  • For that you would need NEX average daily volume to be between ~ 14,800,000$ (all trades with highest possible fee (0,25%)) and 28,500,000$ (all trades with lowest possible fee (0.13%)). In other words: 444.000.000 - 855.000.000 monthly volume

In the end it depends on your expectations. Let’s say you ‘only’ want 10% dividend gains after one year. So for you a price of 2$ per NEX would be ok with this volume. Or the other way around, 1$ per NEX and you would only need half of that volume to get your 10%…

Of course this model disregards the market price of NEX - the token itself could drastically increase (or decrease) regardless of the volume. Plus it disregards the volatility of the assets representing your dividends; If all ‘coins’ increase in value, your $-value would also increase (or the both the opposite :slight_smile:)

*edit: typo


How to get people interested ?
(this is crypto)
announce partnerships
token pump…
they buy then stake - incentives aligned


We all need to take it upon ourselves to be the growth engineers of our community.

It’s okay if some of us believe that it’s too early to spread awareness of the NEX token; I’m very confident that most who are reluctant now, will have come around entirely within the next 4-6 weeks, and will be actively helping to spread awareness of NEX to aspiring investors in search of opportunity.

All I can do is share what steps I’ll be taking, and maybe that will help spark some good promotional ideas for you guys.

What: Approach aspiring non-crypto investors who are in search of new information and opportunity.
Why: They’ve demonstrated an interest in investing and are seeking information, so you know they’re receptive to advice and you’re not wasting your time. They probably have limited knowledge regarding traditional investing, and little-to-no knowledge of blockchain, so they won’t be obstinate as they’re still in the process of forming an opinion.
Where: Quasi-gurus offering traditional investment advice on Youtube, Twitter, and similar sites; or non-crypto conferences/conventions IRL (or you can just pretend you’re searching for traditional investment advice online, and see where your keyboard takes you).
When: Now, for the next 14 weeks.

What: Approach existing PayPal users online, especially freelancers who get hit with transaction fees.
Why: They don’t care about investing, but will care a lot about being able to save a few bucks each time they accept a payment, and their account can’t be locked or assets frozen. Having more users makes it easier to have merchants adopt NashPay later
Where: Anywhere online that freelancers congregate to offer their services. I won’t list examples because I don’t want competitors knowing.
When: Not before fiat on/off ramps become available to UK, EU, USA, Canada (Ukraine and Russia are a big bonus), and users need to be able to send funds to each other easily between contract wallets.

This will be NashPay-centric promotion

These things are all about community growth and starting to set that trend (by appealing largely to a non-crypto audience that aren’t married to their bags and set in their ways). Promoting the Nash Exchange would require targeting people within the crypto space, which we all agree we’re not quite ready for just yet.

I’m also assuming that Nash slashes their budget every month or few months in order to maintain runway. If that’s accurate, then us doing this now should be helpful as it doesn’t cost them anything.

It is, certainly enough to turn the heads of aspiring investors who keep hearing figures of 2-6%. What’s crazy is that a daily volume of ~26 mil should get them close to that 20%, and I’d say we have a very real shot at achieving that.

The 0.13% fee should increase as retail-driven volume increases, and if we ever hit 200 mil daily, it’d probably be somewhere around 200% p.a. returns. The privilege of potentially being recipient to those kinds of returns is why we’re paying a premium on the token now, and if we’re willing to do that, then I’m sure a lot of average, young aspiring investors who look into and realize this would love to throw a small sum into NEX, in the off-chance that it becomes a huge success. It’d be smartest for them to join the telegram community and keep a close eye on progress imo.

That’s something I’m sure a lot of non-crypto people would find interesting, and how some of those assets may be gold-backed tokens.

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