Help please!

What are the important metrics for a Exchange?
What each of this metrics do?
If you know, please explain it like for a child, so I can understand you.
Thank you.
I know that latency on Nash is 100ms and will be improved to 20ms that means:
Nash is around 100ms and a trader can act upon market data 10 times per second, we are finalizing work to bring us to 20ms. So traders will be able to act 50 times per second in new data on each individual market.

Still not the language I understand, is this something that I will notice a difference? Just for high frequency bots?
Does this mean that volume of 100B a day is something that could be handled?
I will appreciate a lot if you will take the time to help :handshake:


20ms is good for high speed trader

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Exchange metrics:

  1. Order placement latency,
  2. Order cancellation latency,
  3. Funds release latency (how much time it takes for the funds that were initially assigned to a canceled order to be available for a new orders?)
  4. Speed of KYC
  5. KYC levels
  6. Funding options (how to get assets in)
  7. Funding speed (how fast assets can enter and exit)
  8. API features and quality

Nash is leading on 1, 2, 4, 8. We are working on improving 3, 5, 6, 7.


I really like factual metrics and I’m thrilled we’re doing so well on so many! :rocket:

Is “API documentation” included in “8. API features and quality” or is that a separate metric? Having used the API, I can confirm how powerful it is. However, it’s quite “rough” and hard to get into for the average developer, especially if you’re not a blockchain developer. So it must be a separate metric, because we’re clearly not ahead in that area.


To describe my point further, I’m sure Nash’s auto-generated documentation can be great for experts, but I was thinking of something less low-level.

In fact, I started one but did not push it further than basic structure for now, because

  1. I wasn’t sure I’d be a good idea to have a community-made documentation
  2. it’s a lot of work and I already have a lot on my plate!

So I guess my questions are:

  • Does Nash plan to do something similar themselves?
  • If not, would anybody in the community be interested in taking this over with my help?

I really want to help, what I looked at in the link you provided, is really not my world :world_map:. Anything simple that I can learn and do?