Help help help

Could you please let me know if this place is to be used or we are transitioning from here to telegram and tweeter?

What are the plans for bringing our people back?
It’s really hard for me to read how original supporters are leaving us :slightly_frowning_face: (I feel many of them being honest good people, good intentions)

How is current communication style better? Over the early style where founders engaged in communication with community members and, participating in interviews on YouTube :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry Kellogg but you still read the slides when you talk about Nash :disappointed:
Passion from @canesin and Ethan was very powerful, I could see it and feel it ( it inspired me to believe in you and, in the future that Nash is building)

(I am falling apart sometimes, please don’t ignore me/us) (hopefully I don’t ask for too much, or probably I should go silent like some of us did)

My real life example on how it feels to be a Nash supporter at the moment:
I am a parent for 2 beautiful kids and I love them a lot. Because of that I go to work for a long time so I can support my family, I do my best, money is not a problem and I believe that when I return home, my kids will still love me and they will appreciate my hard work :sweat:, so I come back from work and that night I tried to hug my little boy, he pushed me away and told me “daddy go back to work” :pensive:
There are things in life that can’t be left behind without consequences. (To me our community at the moment feels similar to my life example :slightly_frowning_face:)

I still respect, love and support you. Please come home.

Thank you :slightly_frowning_face:


Hey @Radu,

I believe Nash has been moving towards a more traditionally structured business over the last several months. Along with the recent additions of Rob Farmer (COO) and Marc Vekemans (CMO), a lot of internal re-structering has been going on with the goal of streamlining responsibilities and processes, and getting the company ready for a heavy marketing push.

The ultimate goal of any company is to find market fit and produce a revenue-generating product. To achieve this, I think Nash’s focus is turned inward right now to make sure all the pieces are in place when the time comes to show Nash to the world. Some of these pieces might include: new NEX tokenomics, dev. team workflow, QA processes, reliably measuring platform performance (user growth, product usage, etc), iDeal & other payment licensing, and navigating regulatory hurdles every step of the way. I’m sure there’s a ton of other stuff I’m not even aware of – there’s a lot going on!

But I’m not saying they don’t have time for the community because of all this. As Chris mentioned here, the team is definitely interested in sparking passion within the community again. Kellogg, Rob, Marc, and others recently met up with a handful of Dutch community members in-person for drinks and Nash chat. From what I’ve read on Telegram, those community members came away excited and eager for the future.

My two cents: I think we’re just in a very busy period where many pieces to the puzzle need to be in place, and this means the team is hard at work on their internals. Once everything is ready (or nearing completion), I would imagine there will be more exciting content and time to share with the community. :pray: