Having issue in Chrome Browser

I completed tier 1 kyc, but exchange page is not working in desktop chrome browser properly. It shows error of “Failed to load. Please retry.” everywhere. But it is woking fine in mobile browser.

Not sure, just an idea though, are you running an ad or script blocker in chrome? I had to disable mine

I got the same issue “failed to load” since the Beta with every Browser on my computer! On my mobile everything works. Do anybody got a solution for that? What is the problem?

@faibii please contact support. This is usually a connection problem between you and the exchange, something in the desktop must be blocking the communication.

I got he same problem and the support solve my problem and very very fast response. That is what they send me for anyone have the same problem:

  1. Close your browser
  2. Sync the internet time on your computer (this is most likely the issue)
  3. Clear all cache and cookies from your browser for ALL time
  4. Go to Internet Options > Connections > “LAN settings” and untick all three boxes in this screen
  5. Try again and perform a hard reset on the exchange page (ctrl + F5)