Haven't really had the time to try the exchange on weekdays

^ Will be great if we can go back to the original screen by pressing shortcut key “ESC” button on our keyboard.

^ Even when i press Market price, the prices doesnt match the current market price in my order book


It would be great if we can take off some not important windows so we can have a wider trading screen such as the ones in red boxes…or just making them smaller…for we are more focused on trading at this window.

I feel everything is too squeezed into one window and i am feeling pressurised and messy because of this. Or is it because of the huge lines that made me pressurised. maybe the charts shouldnt be in the middle.

Or maybe its just because we need dark mode to see the difference.

Here are my thoughts. Apologise as i never really had the time for testing as i was busy on weekdays.


I put that down here for next Beta phase, just so I don’t forget ^^

I think a cool thing for the fund management tool would be to have the option to see the curve of the total value of the portfolio as the sum of multiple asset categories (like BTC, ETH, NEX, other altcoins, USD,…). This would allow us to see the evolution of the pie chart versus the time basically.
In practice it would look a bit like the chart on coinmarketcap, but instead of percentages, it would be the value of the asset, or asset class in USD or the currency of your choice (including other fiat, BTC, ETH).

Or maybe something like this:


With the blue one corresponding to the total value of the portfolio, and the other ones would be other assets’ value. With this we would see the proportion of the portfolio allocated to various coins/tokens/assets over time.