Have you bought your Nex yet? 🙂

  • My lottery bags are full already
  • Not yet - I’ll buy on the Nex exchange when its live
  • Other (eg. OTC)

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My bags are half full. Not sure I will ever be fed up buying NEX tokens though. :laughing::laughing:

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:sunglasses: accumulate more before NEX live.

I know the feeling :joy:

HI, I guess we all invest the amount we are capable to loose, right :wink:
Although we have a good feeling about this project we still need a lot of work and effort from the team, but DEX are the future and we need them this will be hugh… keep up doing the great work and buying NEX is a way to show support … :muscle:


Totally agree, unique, 1st of its kind!

DEX is not the future, superquick hybrid dex like NEX is :wink:

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I have indeed bought some NEX. Think I’m going to accumulate more.

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Accumulate, accumulate, accumulate

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