Hashed Time locks

prob more relevant when settlement is actually in crypto rather than fiat …but interesting topic

nahh to be fair would stop noobs sending to blackhole addresses… but then again nash prob wouldnt open a channel to a black hole

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this will be used for implementing BTC and similar protocols into Nash.

There’s already a number of applications utilizing this feature to its fullest extent with possibilities like cross-chain atomic swaps, which is convenient when most coins happen to support HTLC and also payment channels like in the lightning network.

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cool ill try and catchup…

I think direct debit in to BTC would be a cool feature also… or setting up automated purchasing plans on a portfolio. lets say automated debit to usd-c or dai and then signing for it to enter in to a collateralised lending pool

HTLC : all i get is Holy trinity Luthrian church lol
hah lol hashed time lock …lool