Has my comment been deleted?

I’ve been here since two years ago, everything has been delayed and everyone complains, why is this any different? Feeling like the filtering is getting very sensitive. We should be allowed to speak our minds and get responses not deleted.

It means your post has been flagged not deleted. It appears as ignored (you can see it on incognito)

Probably due to just being a rant on a thread that had already been answered with an offensive word that doesn’t add to the topic. I actually expect the community to flag those in general, this is not a place to write whatever people want. Is a channel for the community to organize and interact with the team.

[edit] For example, I just edited the title of this topic because it has nothing to do with filters or posts being deleted. You can also help flag comments in the forum by clicking in the three dots “…” than in the flag.


It’s not worth our time to argue but this amount of flex is discouraging. I’m disappointed.

We count on the community to help us to flag all posts that have swear words or offensive statements. This is the official communication channel of the company, topics here are usually long lived and will appear in search. It is to the best interest of the investors that this channel is very well posed and translates the image we want for Nash.


whats more interesting to me is who would hit that flag button … i dont know and dont care what u said but flaggers are a interesing bunch of people .

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.