Has Blockchain Left Customer Service and User Experience Behind? Nash’s Fabio Canesin Discusses Why It’s Important



Binance has extremely good Customer Service and Ux. I am very curious to see how better Nash can take this experience. Though Nash is a DEX, yet its competition will always be with the CEXs, that are presently there in the Market, particularly.

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That is true @Hitesh. What do you like the most on their costumer service ?

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@canesin for me, i like live chat in every service that i’m using so you don’t need to send emails wait for answer etc. i hope nash will have live chat too

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If you look at the bottom right corner of nash.io, you’ll notice that they’ve already made provision for that :wink:

yes i know, some pages also have their support form there, so you send them email not always live chat

@canesin, what impressed me most was how they scaled so quickly (as u know, most exchanges had to pause taking new customers during the mad period 18 months ago)

also, a small, but strangely noticeable, thing that struck me was how quickly their ‘confirmation’ emails arrived (almost instant compared to other exchanges)…


I suppose binance does not have AI driven chatbots, however if Nash deploys the same, it may give nash a huge advantage.

There should be 2 layers in Nash’s customer service, at the first level the chatbot should try to solve the problem that the customer faces, while if the problem is not solved at the first level it may be escalated to the second level where a human interface may try to solve the problem.

This may also help nash to save money of the human resources required internally.

Also being a part of cutting edge technology infrastructure and a critical component of Industrial Revolution 4.0 these things are also expected from nash.

Nash appears to have implemented this already. It is clear from looking at the support window that this is how the customer service will be structured.

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