Hardware wallets

In the token tank you mentioned that hardware wallets are not supported because the tech is not supporting the way the exchange will work. Have you considered designing, producing and selling your own hardware wallets?
I think that would be a cool feature too and will be something next level in terms of innovation to the DEX space. I would definitely buy everyone I’d go to a birthday for, a NEX hardware wallet. (Well if its not more expensive than $25 :sweat_smile:) Next level shilling for sure =P :nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo:
If its not something you have not thought about, maybe you can add this to your R&D plan.
Maybe something like a smart contract linked usb stick of some kind… :thinking:

Build the brand, be innovative :pray:

Any thoughts?

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yeah well, they said the exchange does not support the tech of a hardware ledger, so why not do it the other way around, building a wallet that is compatible with our dex, right

switcheo and aphelion both support ledger. Not including hardware wallet support seems like a handicap to me. Personally I sleep better at night knowing my crypto is locked up safe in my ledger.
I like the idea of a NEX branded hardware wallet.


You do realise it’s not actually in your ledger. It’s just a safe-keep for your private-keys.
Organise this yourself properly and a hardware wallet isn’t more secure per se.

I understand that crypto isn’t actually stored in the ledger and it is the gatekeeper of my private key. Paper wallets etc seem far too bothersome. For Mass adoption people need confidence that they won’t be hacked and have their keys compromised. In that way the ledger helps me sleep at night.

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I personally think this is a handicap too, We are all told from the beginning to use hardware wallets to keep our keys safe and coins protected and now we have to ditch the hardware wallets to use an extension. I really hope they can work with ledger and figure out a way to have both products work hand in hand.


I don’t know is there an option to log in with ledger via third party like Neon wallet maybe?

I think integration with ledger is an important feature towards which NEX should work. That being said, it is important to note that with everything going mobile, I don’t see the concept of hardware wallet for everyday and general use to be feasible in the long run. You can’t expect an everyday user to plug in a hardware device to initiate each and every transaction. As far as I know, Ethan Fast had mentioned that NEX will launch with the extension supporting login using only user name and password + 2FA. In a way, you don’t need your private key at all except for recovery of account. It’s the same as storing your hardware wallet backup word strings for recovery of hardware wallet.

I love Mobile versions however being security conscience with these investments nearly all my buying/selling is done via desktop. I dont think the majority of new everyday users will use hardware wallets however it would be nice to have the option especially for those who want a little more security.