Hardware wallet integrations with nash extension


(Crypto Fox) #1

Hello there :wave::wave:,

This question may have been asked million times but please be kind enough to answer one more time!!

Are you guys gonna integrate hardware wallets with nash extension? I feel bit vulnerable storing my NEX tokens where I can see and possibly hackers can get private keys.

I am a big fan of nash exchange and I have invested heavily in the project. But no means an active member of the community. But I always read the important updates and such.

Thanks in advance

Staking from a hardware wallet
(Lennystyles) #2

Hope this helps :wink:

(Crypto Fox) #3

Yo Lennystles,

Thanks for the answer. However, It doesn’t really answer my question :frowning: I am asking whether hardware wallets will be compatible with the nash extension in the near future.

(Rory) #4

As of now the answer is no. They addressed this at their first quarterly report event. The cryptographic solutions they are using are not supported by current hardware wallets. In the future hardware wallets may adapt to support this tech or Nash may possibly look into providing their own hardware solutions down the line, but for now the answer is no.