Happy new year and my presence on chat platforms

Hi community!

I just wanted do desire a happy new year to you all and communicate that starting in 2021 I will concentrate my presence on the web in this forum and that I will be more sporadically in it - so do not strange the fact I am not in some Telegram channel anymore or very active on Twitter.

Past couple months it has become clear that my time will bring more value to Nash if I handover some of my tasks to the great team we were able to assembly and focus my attention on building what will be needed to make Nash truly competitive in 2021 against the great challenges of capital efficiency vs centralized platforms.

All the best!


Happy new year @canesin :fireworks:


Wishing you and the Nash team all the best for 2021!

Thank you for your active participation within the community these last years. You’re definitely an inspiration for young (hydraulic) engineers. Your active role on the forefront and all the hard work of the team has made me want to join the Nash team in this journey till the end. Whether Nash its vision comes to fruition or not, I’ll be there in the end!

And not to forget, the wonderful community of Nash! See you all in 2021 :heart:!


Hey fabio wish you and the team all the best too. And i really like your open mind that you show also with this decision.

Personally, i will definitely miss your open, inspiring and determined manner (+ sporty targets) in the chats and CT.

See you soon!


Congratulations :clap:
Happy 2021.

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Happy new year @canesin and all Nash Team and community. Thank you for your hard work we belive in you and wish for 2021 to be true battle where we truly give max efforts and become winner- cause there is no other plan :beers::fire::pray::100::handshake::white_check_mark:


Great to see you back and active here Fabio, missed your input and communication around here! Here’s to a great year for Nash in 2021!


All the best to you, your family and the Nash team!

Glad to have you back here as this is the core platform of the Nash community. However, it is also valuable to have a channel for a more wider audience so I would suggest using Twitter as well.

Could you please elaborate more about your tasks in Nash until now and how will it differ in 2021?

Happy new year Nashis

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Me too :hugs:

I just feel with all my heart, that Nash is going to have an amazing impact in people’s lives! ( my life is much better already because of Nash, because of Fabio :wink: )