Gunbot Pro giveaway 2

Yes, I got carried over and will give 5 more Gunbot Pro licenses to community members - same rules, starting Tomorrow (midnight Today).

Now you also know the 10 MVPs from 1st Gunbot Pro giveaway 1 winners, if you want to be part of this round of winners I suggest to be polite and learn from them in the Nash Trading Syndicate how they did it.

I will edit this post with the winners in one week (October 7).


Nice to hear,
until what date is the round going?

From this midnight until October 7.

Thx :+1:

@canesin The link to the Trading Group is not there i think.

Someone else put the correct link here and I can edit the post.


Friendly reminder this ends today midnight (so includes today’s volume)! This is currently >$800 of value.