Guerilla Marketing ideas for a laugh or inspiration

(Peter) #1

On the back of the ideas thread, thought I’d start this thread as a way for the team/community to have a laugh or be inspired with wacky marketing ideas.

I’ll start…

1- Upon Launch, could we integrate the $bnb erc-20 token to the extension wallet, and offer an airdrop of $nex tokens to bnb holders?

This would have to be done in a way that would introduce them to using the extension and suite of products + educate people on the $nex token dividend model.

2- An alternative launch campaign to this was to run an ICO model smart contract where only bnb holders can send to a contract address and receive nex (the unsold portion from the ico) in return. I’m unsure of the legalities of this but it could be done for a predetermined promotional period and token amounts e.g. no less than 10, no more than 1000.

This is a bold PR stunt that could warrant some Press.

The Nash team would then build up a warchest of $bnb; With this, the Nash team could either sell back to Binance (after the promotion period) or hold on for diversification in the scenario where Binance monopolises.

If the promotion is a success, we take a number of Binance users, the Nash team gets diversified or can dump $bnb on the market (not very ethical).

If it’s a fail, we move on to the next campaign, little money lost.

Just food for thought.
Please share some of your interesting guerilla marketing ideas!

(Alex) #2

:thinking: nice thoughts… could defo work to get some BNBers to try Nash…
Maybe good to wait for couple iterations of our exchange before challenging and introducing to competition… (unless we are 100% confident we nailed it :wink: )

Speaking of Binance. I like what they do with their launchpad to introduce users to the platform. The upcomming Bittorrent token sale is using BNB launchpad (BNB, TRX only). introducing the massive Bittorrent community to Binance (KYC)… (also big for TRX community expansion)
We need such launchpad for launching AirBNB tokens, Uber tokens,… Be ready when mainstream companies go tokenized…

My point: focus on users who are not already into ‘crypto’ (focussing on competition is waste of energy at this point)

(Peter) #3

Completely agree.

I like the launchpad idea. We were discussing this in the ideas thread Ideas / Recommendations for Nash

Regarding the focus… For now, there is no license to trade/launch securities so this is the market we have. 100% agree that we should not be focusing on those already into crypto once we obtain the licenses as this opens up a whole new market.

(Vic9t) #4

I don’t know where to post that, but it seems that NEO have is strongly bond to Binance… And I wonder what the partnership between Nash and NEO will bring, if @canesin or other members could shed light on that.

(Peter) #5

Chico can be very bitter and abrasive.

While there may be truth to his theories, there is no substantiated evidence to this particular conspiracy. (I watched this last night)

(Vic9t) #6

Yes but my question remains, what does the partnership with NEO means for Nash?

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(Peter) #7

From what is known,

  • DaHongFei and Erik Zhang are advisors to Nash.
  • Neo Global Capital invested in Nash
  • security token offering was completed on the NEO blockchain with $nex tokens minted and distributed to investors.
  • Nash is also listing a number of Nep 5 (NEO) tokens.
  • COZ are actively developing on NEO and some of their core founders are within the Nash team.

I don’t believe there was much substance to Chico’s video but if you want to continue this discussion, maybe start a new thread.

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(Behind You) #8

@Alex and @Peter

Kinda like the idea of getting one nex for succesfully KYC-ing for the nash exchange.

Totally agree that we shouldn’t focus on the very tiny amount of people that are currently in crypto but focus on people that aren’t in crypto yet.

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(Peter) #9

To focus on people outside of crypto, I’d like to see the approval to list securities first.

The team may or may not share my view on this… I don’t believe the current crop of ‘utility’ tokens are investment grade and as such we should not look to bring in a new wave of crypto investors unless we have investment grade products ready.

Nash’s USP is the feature of non-custodial wallets and trading (plus payments and more in future). For this I believe we first need to focus on the current, educated crypto market. It’s hard to jump two steps forward to hit a market that not even custodial solutions like coinbase and binance can sign up.

(Alex) #10

We will need tokenized securities first before you can list and sell them in a non custodial fashion. The whole point of the exchange is that you own your own assets.
Currently with regular securities you would only be able to own a promise to a security…

The approval alone to list securities is not good enough for Nash (the way I see it). We need to see the entire securities ‘industry’ shift towards a tokenized model. The way I see this happening is via partial conversions of companies equity into tokens first. This part will be used to incentivise users generating value for that company (airBnb hosts, uber drivers,…) Those conversions I see as a potential opportunity to bring new users to Nash.

Entire parts of companies will be introduced to a whole new economy. Where Nash facilitates trade through its matching engine.

  • For now are we allowed to list tokenized securities ? yes ? but not regular securities ? right ?
(Peter) #11
  • For now are we allowed to list tokenized securities ? yes ? but not regular securities ? right ?

No to both at the moment. I believe the restriction on the trading of securities applies whether tokenised or not.

If we could, there would be a $NEX pair upon launch amongst other already existing tokenised securities.

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(EC) #12

I think this is a major benefit that the Nash team needs to communicate really well to regular people, particularly those outside of crypto. Most people don’t even understand the benefits of truly owning their own assets let alone ‘not your keys, not your coins’.

As an example, I remember my dad buying some ‘ETH’ on e-Toro almost 2 years ago but it took a lot of explaining to make him realise that he didn’t actually own any ETH, just a CFD. Even more problematic was explaining that he didn’t actually have full control over the ETH that was deposited on his Coinbase (as far as he was concerned, he could deposit/withdraw/buy/sell whenever he wanted).

I did eventually manage to get the message across but it wasn’t straightforward. The Nash marketing team really has their work cut out for them!

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(Nicefox) #13

i also want to know what neo is planning to do to solve the network problems , a few projects already announced moving from nep5 because of neo issues… what about the issue of few nodes doing neo transactions… my blockchain knowledge is limited, still catching up, sorry if at least some of my questions before is because of my ignorance. I understand Nash/nex has little impact on neo, but we can’t dismiss there is some impact as the new money will not be coming to exchange/anyone can withdraw.