Guardian Circle 3.0 ($GUARD on Nash) Launches

Hi all – Just wanted to let the Nash community know that Guardian Circle 3.0 (which is the app for the $GUARD coin on Nash) has launched.

Get it here:

Video Demo App Walkthrough (3 min):

Brand new website:

Download the app. Get friends, family and neighbors to download and connect with you as Guardians. Create Alerts with each other: play around with the system.

That way, when a real emergency happens – a fire, earthquake, hurricane, health emergency – everyone will already know what to expect (this is the same reason schools run fire drills).

This is a complete rewrite and massive upgrade of Guardian Circle. Despite our best testing, there will undoubtedly be a few kinks to work out. (If you find something, email us at We’ll be rapid-fire releasing app updates over the next two weeks.

Known issues:

  1. If you have 3000+ contacts, you may experience problems onboarding . We’ll be fixing that over the next week or so.

  2. ‘Starter $GUARD’ distribution for new users is not yet operational. This will start next week.

Press Release (including news about our new UBER senior alumni Advisors):

NeoNewsToday article is here: