Guardian Circle 3.0 ($GUARD on Nash) Launches

Hi all – Just wanted to let the Nash community know that Guardian Circle 3.0 (which is the app for the $GUARD coin on Nash) has launched.

Get it here:

Video Demo App Walkthrough (3 min):

Brand new website:

Download the app. Get friends, family and neighbors to download and connect with you as Guardians. Create Alerts with each other: play around with the system.

That way, when a real emergency happens – a fire, earthquake, hurricane, health emergency – everyone will already know what to expect (this is the same reason schools run fire drills).

This is a complete rewrite and massive upgrade of Guardian Circle. Despite our best testing, there will undoubtedly be a few kinks to work out. (If you find something, email us at We’ll be rapid-fire releasing app updates over the next two weeks.

Known issues:

  1. If you have 3000+ contacts, you may experience problems onboarding . We’ll be fixing that over the next week or so.

  2. ‘Starter $GUARD’ distribution for new users is not yet operational. This will start next week.

Press Release (including news about our new UBER senior alumni Advisors):

NeoNewsToday article is here:


Hi all – We (Guardian Circle) were just out in Singapore with NEO corp, as one of eight EcoBoost Partners in their booth at BlockShow Asia. Of course we talked up Nash when people asked us where they could get $GUARD, and Blockshow Insight / Malaysian press covered us in this video. Just so you know: We’re out there marketing Guardian Circle pretty hard right now and we always recommend Nash wherever we can slide it into a conversation!