Great idea 💡 Please join


Let’s leave 3 comments every day on Ivan On Tech YouTube channel. Comments should be informative, facts about Nash.
Something like this:

  • #BTC like Vision
  • Non-Custodial (your keys :key: your coins)
  • Compliant with regulators (Successfully audited)
  • Great management of funds (very active in the community)
  • World’s first innovations (amazingly smart & ambitious founders)
  • Long term vision (young generation thinking & ideas)
  • Constantly growing (team & technology infrastructure)

Let’s see how long Ivan will ignore us!

Don’t worry about people misjudging, at least we will be seen.

One fact per comment.

Let’s do it :facepunch:

We can brake the silence and educate people who read the comments!


PS: don’t criticize me. Thank you

I’ve seen several ‘influencers’ get pissed off at Nashers pushing our platform, because 90% of the time it’s unsolicited. I think there’s a difference between sharing a project and brigading a platform. This idea sounds too much like a call to arms, imo. I think we want to avoid ‘aggressive sharing’ as much as possible.

Besides, doesn’t Ivan only shill projects when they’re paying him? If Nash isn’t paying him, I guarantee he’ll only get annoyed by this.

I don’t claim to have a better idea though – in fact it’s good you’re thinking of these strategies. I think these types of campaigns need to be more surgical, and less blunt brigading.


How do you think, what is better?

  • pissed :triumph:
  • ignored completely

Besides sharing educational information should be no problem with anyone. And if there is a problem then it is better then no problems and no exposure.

I will do it and will see the results of it.
No invitation to try it out or that we are the best. Just education, facts about Nash, one per comment.

Let’s see how it goes :face_with_monocle:

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Love your enthusiasm, but please avoid this guy at all cost. He is a pure scam. Check out how he is cheating freelancers by stealing their hard work. In addition, he has a track record of promoting scams like Sparkster. He would do only damage to nash imo.


:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:. I am not a developer, technical part for me is rocket science, trading is not yet available in Oregon and feels like staking my NEX and talking to everyone I know is just not enough. Hopefully people that follow IvanOnTech are educated enough to extract only the best part of him.

I read the comments and, there are people that could definitely be interested.
I am implementing the strategy, just curious to see how it goes.
I will do the little things that probably will have little to NO impact but, in my mind I truly believe that Nash family will become stronger if we take more action. Right or wrong, future will show. The intention is good.

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When commenting on YouTube using “####” no one can see the comment.
Example of comment that will not be shown:
Nash achievements:

  • Layer-2 state channels for ETH, NEO and BTC.
  • Non-custodial cross chain orders.
  • Cross-chain BTC trading.
  • Decentralized API keys.
  • Non-custodial web and mobile wallets.
  • Our own fiat ramp at zero fees.
  • Payment system for merchants.

Very interesting :face_with_monocle:
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