Great dApps make great tokens for NEX. What are they?

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Saw this article on NEO reddit today … and someone asked me the exact same question ("What are the top NEO dApps?) recently. I was able to name Switcheo and Travala as probably the top ones we have at present … what else do we have? What’s coming?

Here’s the article:

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LOL that’s just an awkward answer… I would have expected him to answer a bit more professionally. Ofcourse gaming is a nice leisure occupation but we’re seriously dealing with world problems here.

And maybe because of this answer it will take longer for us as the blockchain sphere to be understood and listened to. Too bad Da :\

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So no takers? :slight_smile: We all realize that we need a thriving app + token ecosystem – each with it’s own healthy and viable internal tokenomics – for NEX to work, right? Otherwise NEX is just a speculation platform for a bunch of things that aren’t real. And none of us want that!

Okay, I’ll go first. I wrote this up today, it’s the “cheat sheet” – a VERY brief – version of how we imagine our tokenomics working for $GUARD.

I would hope all the app folks have something like this? Has anyone seen something like this from the others?

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