Global Assets in Nash

(Elcontador) #1

Good day community.

I have a question for @canesin, I was reading about NEO 3.0 and from what I understand, the update will allow you to tokenize the global assets.
This update is the one that will allow to exchange financial assets in nash?

So these assets will be centralized or decentralized?

Thank you

(FCC) #2

The update has nothing to do with assets support in Nash.

The end of global assets in NEO 3.0 has to do with getting rid of the UTXO infrastructure of that chain, assets running in UTXO are called “global assets” in NEO. Examples are NEO and GAS but there is others.

There is a big decoupling of the VM and the UTXO, so dealing with global assets in a smart contract is not ideal - Erik wants to remove UTXO to simplify this.

(Elcontador) #3

I understand, it was a mistake of interpretation, I thought that it referred to financial assets.

Thank you