Gibraltar Stock Exchange Now Allows Listing of Tokenized Securities

(Mao Mao) #3

Wondering if NEX will be on the list!

(Ant0ni081) #4

i wonder when it was Nash put their application in, i cant remember. And if a stock exchange application process is the same as a crypto exchange … interesting stuff and maybe a indication of when we can maybe see NEX listing on NASH getting approved.

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(Mao Mao) #5

NEX is one of the few tokens that is compliance to the regulatory laws. If any crypto token were to be added to the securities exchange, NEX could be one of them. right?

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(Rahil) #6

Yup. NEX fits perfectly!

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(Ant0ni081) #7

I would like to think theres someone on the Nash team pushing NEX to get on these exchanges and accepted by these firms. The sooner the process is started the sooner it’ll happen… i cant see any reason why this wouldnt be a priority along with everything else top of the list.

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(Nash101) #8

Does anybody know how the volume looks like on this exchange?

As far as I understood it is almost worth nothing to have a license in Malta or Gibraltar. Neither for registered securities or a licensed exchange.
The market in Gibraltar and Matla is completely decoupled from the conventional stock market.
Huge players and big money just playing on real markets like London, New York, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

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(Cryptodom) #9

…Nex fits perfectly

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(Agile) #10

Volume was pretty poor when I last used it a few months ago.
I know their team is aware of Nash. Might boost their volume when they list NEX.

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