Getting error "TIER 1 Status denied"

Hi Team,

When I was try to verifi my account to TIER 1 it’s says " Status Denied"

Could you please let me know what step I need to take?

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Contact support at, our company has professional dedicated support. This forum is not the best place to solve your issues.

Already sent email and did not received any reply and i cannot wait for one year for reply like exchange launch as my Nex Token also lock as i cannot see in my profile.

Now what is this msg “An account has already been created using this IP address.” ?

I had the same issue, messaged “professional dedicated support” but no response as well.

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Support team where are you ? no reply…

I believe they give a 24H timeframe to reply within (which is typical or better than most systems). I used the chat yesterday for a KYC issue I was having and I personally found the support system was great.


How to chat live with support team ? could you please the link…

It’s in the bottom right hand corner of the website. Chat with support there.

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Waiting for one and half hour in “Queue position: 1” no one is replying