Gearing up for Nash League

Hi guys,

Trading might appear complex and you may feel like you don’t stand a chance in Nash League. But it’s actually far easier than you think thanks to our amazing community who has created very accessible trading bots.

I thought I’d make a quick guide to list available trading tools to remind everyone how easy it is to get started. Just send funds to Nash Channels (or top up using Nash Cash) and visit one of them.

Name Creator Price Learning curve Power Support Nash League team
Maker bot @fabibi Free 1/10 4/10 Telegram Team Fabibi
Cloud bot @Dline1 Free 1/10 5/10 Telegram Team CloudBot
LM bot @Zino Free 1/10 3/10 Team Soon
Gunbot Paying 4/10 8/10 Telegram Team Gunbot
Margin Free 2/10 7/10 Telegram Margin Team
Tuned Free/Paying 6/10 10/10 Discord Tuned Titans
Maker bot, Cloud not, LM bot

Community-built bots, easy to set up, heavy support from the community: this should be your go-to option if you’re a beginner and aren’t sure where to start. Maker bot and LM bot are run in the browser (you’ll need to keep your tab open), Cloud bot requires an account then runs on a remote server (you can turn off your computer).


Choose among many strategies and indicators. Once you get a hold of it and have a decent understanding of the many parameters, you can enjoy its extensive trading possibilities. The starter version is quite limited. The standard version unlocks most strategies. Higher licenses are only interesting if you’re interested to trade on several exchanges simultaneously. Some add-ons (backtesting, TradingView) can be purchased independently.


There are 3 modes (of increasing complexity): manual trading on steroïds, simple bots and writing your own bot algorithm (in Python). Learning curve and power actually depend on which alternative you’ll be choosing.


Write your own trading strategies using a simplified scripting language (you can actually choose among 2: TunedScript and PineScript). You can then easily backtest (test your strategy on previous days), paper trade (run your strategy live with fake orders to see how it would perform), then go live with real funds. Lastly you can monetize your strategy by having people subscribe to your best-performing strategies.

If you’re a beginner, you probably won’t end up being a top trader right away, but remember that you’ll receive rewards simply by belonging and contributing to the winning team and you’ll be eligible to special prizes if you make at least $20k volume during the competition, which is very easy, even with $100 of trading capital.

My advice is to start working on your tools and strategies this week (if you haven’t started doing so already!) as it takes a lot of small tweaks to get it right.

Good luck to all and don’t hesitate if you have comments or feedbacks to share with everyone!


This should be on the exchange page! Well done :clap:

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excellent work mate.Many thanks for this


Great stuff Marc


I think this is important to get out there. It’s so easy as a small fish to roll your eyes at these trading comps and assume you don’t stand a chance.

Bots are hella powerful! A little bit of capital can go a long way for your team!

Great post, cheers @Oldsport


Well done! :clap::clap:

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Margin is now free for nash users by the way

It is! But I can’t edit my post :neutral_face:
I will ask again.

Haas is supported as well;

Thanks but it is not yet supported. I will (ask to) add it in due time :+1:

Says here Haas is supported in the context of Nash League so I guess the implementation is imminent;

Updated :white_check_mark:

Haas support should come very soon.

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@Oldsport Hey guys, would be nice to have all the terminals listed on the web side. :thinking: