Future trading fees

Looking at what happened this week with Charles Schwab and Ameritrade announcing 0% commission, one can see that the general trend is for trading fees tending towards zero (for traditional markets at least). I believe comparisons of crypto trading and traditional markets are premature so I do not see fee-less crypto trading any time soon.

However low a max taker fee of 0.25% seems at the moment, it’s likely to need adjusting at some point in the future in order to remain competitive.

How do you see trading fees changing in the future?
In the event of a fee adjustment, how would this be agreed upon?

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and meanwhile Coinbase raises fees by 200%+

Out of curiosity, how then do these platforms make any profit or revenue if they charge 0% commission/fees? Have they transformed into charities or non-profitable organisations.

Also to add that Nash charges 0% maker fees already :wink:

Charles Schwab make most of their revenue from net interest income, meaning they take your left-over USD, which you did not invest and they invest it safely in government bond or deposit at another bank. They take most of the interest income and give your very little interest.

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I am wondering, can Nash actually change their fees in the future? Fee structure was part of approved prospectus, so I am not sure, whether Nash can legally change it. Currently fees are very competetive, but in few years it is possible that they will be too high.

That crossed my mind a while back but pretty sure they have the leeway to change it with it shown as “initial fee structure”.

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If there is a clear business need we could change fees structure. However that doesn’t seem to be the case on short term, since currently competitors have higher effective fees in general.


Thank you Fabio. This question is premature, but should lower or zero fees become a reality in the crypto space over the next 1-2 years, I presume you’d have to revise the staking lock criteria since many of us are staking for 24 months in order to maximize our share of Nash Exchange trading fees?

I think different types of trades will have different fee structures in the future (more than 2y), like C2C will be squeeze but C2F will be high. I don’t want to raise too much hypothesis on something so uncertain, but since we trade on channels we should always be able to be more efficient than chain logic, maybe we can extract value by offering other forms of trade that replace on-chain transfers on payments for example.

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Great, thanks for clarifying Fabio.