Future idea: .crypto domain names

Just an idea… Not for now (since there are other priorities), but maybe for in the future:
it’s nice to explore Unstoppable Domains. --> https://unstoppabledomains.com/

They have a solution to replace cryptocurrency addresses with a human readable name. (so for example, I can send funds to (example) myname.crypto instead of any BTC/ETH address).

I think this fits with the mission to make products “easy” and intuitive…


the usage of replacing a wallet with a crypto domain seems useful, but flawed. the domain registar could get hacked and abused. There is also no such thing as unstoppable domains and censorship proof. Realise that governments can still take down those domains with good reason. Imagine drugs, weapons or child porn on those domains. I applaud use cases of easier names, but not through a domain name.

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Isn’t unstoppabledomains decentralized and outside ICANN system? That way it can’t be shutdown, not?

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still dont think people could easily host malicious sites and get away with it.

not sure (I am not that technical), but they claim the only one that can shutdown is the owner of a domain…

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