Funds Withdrawal Processing Time

(John Nash) #1

I was recently trading/depositing/withdrawing NEO and ETH using Binance (sorry, I know…) and while withdrawing NEO there was a few minutes delay from the time I completed authorising the withdrawal (the final step is clicking the “confirm withdrawal link” on the authorisation email sent by Binance) and the time at which the NEO is actually sent from my Binance account.

During this time, in the “withdrawal status” in Binance, was saying “Processing”. This can take up to 3+ minutes until it is updated to say “Sent”. And 1 minute later (approx.) it arrived on my ledger NEO address. So there seems to be some internal processes time within Binance that cause a slight delay. This delay isn’t a huge problem for me because I’m never in a major rush however I can see that it might be a problem for people (or bots) trying to trade quickly between exchanges to take advantage of arbitrages (Im guessing, Im not a trader).

I wouldn’t expect there to be any “Processing time” when using the Nash Exchange, as it is non-custodial however, when funds are in the Nash “Trading Account” I expect they will be locked and unable to be withdrawn instantly.

My question is: is anybody aware, how long, following the completion of a trading, do I need to wait before I can transfer funds to another address? Is there are delay in moving funds from the Nash “Trading Account” to the Nash “Personal Account”. E.g is it one block (15 seconds for NEO). Is there any “Processing time” required within the Nash Exchange that would delay immediate funds withdrawal once I have completed trading activities?

This is just a general information/curiosity query. The reason for the question is obviously, the faster it is, the better the system will be for fast automated trading, which could be a key piece of the puzzle for lots of trading activity from bot etc.