Funds Chart does not load

Haven’t seen my graph in weeks, it just disappeared one day and never returned, almost forgot it’s supposed to be there:


Did you contact support? Maybe you can check the Chrome Console and see if it shows some error message. I have an issue with the exchange and the console shows a json error message. In my case support was aware of this and told me the team is working on it.

Did you try to clear your cache or to use another browser?

Will contact support.

Yeah no luck, I know in the past it has disappeared when I transferred certain tokens to my wallet.

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Given all the heavy use of cryptography in Nash we use quite a lot of synchronized values, so usually the first thing to check is if the clock of your device is wrong. Fixing it will solve loading issues.

Time synchrony is a hard issue and we will tackle if there is a independent solution from local clock after our major developments.

Hey Fabio it’s solved now. For some reason a small amount of Aphelion token I had in Nash wallet was causing this issue. When I withdrew the tokens the chart reappeared immediately and when i deposited them it disappeared again. I contacted support and spoke with Daniel who said he would report it to the engineering team.


That’s because Aphelion tokens are zombie tokens. :zombie:

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I was thinking that could be the reason too. But anyway it’s good to identify this kinda stuff just so that support is aware of it and can identify it as a cause when people report a similar problem in the future.

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