Fund Management disappears

Because there are actually no feedback threads I just wanted to ask if the bug is already known that from time to time The fund management fails.

If this is already known, this thread can be deleted :see_no_evil:


Even i wanted to highlight the same problem.


Same problem I had,and I’m tier 1 when log in from android phone first page is say upgrade to tier 1 and is gone in secs.
in funds page same crome or phone graph is wrong value (probaly you have this feedback)wrong1

but the problem I am describing is different. And one must not forget that this page is not optimized for mobile. And you should wait until the mobile app appears. :blush:

No no it’s quite accurate… it’s called being broke, some would say REKT.

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Joking aside. :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just wanted to point out the bug here. But surely the team knows long ago. :sunglasses:

I am also getting this error. $0 empty portfolio but asset numbers are there like yours.

Has been like this for 1.5 hours now.

But this phenomena was occurring earlier too, flickering into existence for a brief second every so and then when I refreshed the page.

Same thing here. It says my portfolio is empty :thinking:

same here since this morning

I would say they are working on the problem right now. That’s probably why it is completely gone

Unfortunately CMC did a API update v1.19.0 on Sep 19, 2019 that introduced a skip_invalid parameter that isn’t working, breaking their API.

Thank you Fabio for the answer :-). I almost thought so but I was not sure if you got the data from CMC. Is that why Nash is currently in maintenance mode?

@fischdenflo we are deploying some updates besides fixing issues like this.

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OK thanks. But I would still like to mention that I have the problems with fund management since the beginning of the MVP. :see_no_evil:

And thank you that you always find time here in the forum to answer :ok_hand:

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This thread is not applicable anymore, it is only preserved for archival reasons.