From the community, for the community: Why you’re important to Nash

Nash was founded in 2017 by five developers in NEO’s open-source community, City of Zion (CoZ). The CoZ group was responsible for translating NEO technical documentation into English when the project was still known as Antshares. They went on to develop some of the most popular tools for the blockchain, including the Neon wallet and NEOSCAN block explorer.

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It’s been a great journey. I have to say I didn’t expect to get as involved, but I guess this is what happens when you share the same vision and values.

Here’s to making Nash a success together as a community! :beers:


Cheers guys, love this community!


I have similar feelings, it has been a trip full of great expectations that little by little have been fulfilled, now I am more immersed and evangelizing about nash to every person who is interested in crypto.


100X potential got me in.
The energy that is reflected from Fabio & Ethan is keeping me in to this day :hugs:
Honesty and Greatness are coming to my mind at the moment when I think of #Nash